Aeroplane Monthly 1992-01
B.Gunston - Turbo Tradewind
The first XP5Y during an early test flight in 1950.
The midnight blue 60-ton XP5Y-1 pictured during its 30min first flight on April 18, 1950.
The prototype Tradewind lifts off from San Diego Bay on its maiden flight on February 25, 1954. The pilot was Don Germeraad.
A 155mm marine howitzer rolls ashore through the open bow door of an R3Y-2 Tradewind. The 80-ton 'boat was capable of carrying a pay load of guns, trucks or troops more than 2,000 miles.
The first XP5Y nearing completion at the Consolidated-Vultee plant at San Diego, California on April 17, 1949, almost exactly a year from its maiden flight.
The first XP5Y at speed on the water at San Diego on April 7, 1950.
Maintenance of the Tradewind’s T40s was relatively simple.
The first prototype XP5Y-1 takes off from San Diego Bay on its first flight - April 18, 1950 - after a run of less than 20sec.
The interior of the Tradewind, looking aft - the ladder leads to the cockpit area.
The radio-controlled XP5Y-1 flying model was powered by four 2 h.p. engines and was controlled from a full-sized cockpit mock-up at the seaward side of Lindbergh Field.