Air International 1988-01
??? - Sukhoi Flagon /На вооружении советской авиации/ (19)
The photograph illustrates well the air intake configuration of what appears to he a Flagon-E
Two examples of Flagon-A, the initial service version of the Su-15, seen toting AA-3 Anab medium-range missiles, IR to port and SAR to starboard.
The photograph depicts the rear fuselage and tail of a Flagon-A, noteworthy features being the fixed ejector nozzle, the large scoop intakes, the brake chute fairing and the aerial on the top and sides of the fin.
The Flagon-B was a purely experimental STOL derivative of the Su-15 which possessed no operational capability since fuel was displaced by three lift engines mounted in line in the centre fuselage.
Photographed in peripheral airspace, the Flagon-F has Anab missiles on the outboard pylons and air brakes deployed, the example below being similarly armed.
Also toting AA-8 Aphid close-in IR missiles on the inboard pylons.
Су-15ТМ из 54-го ГИАП над Балтикой
На двух подфюзеляжных узлах подвески можно было разместить подвесные топливные баки общей емкостью около 1700 л, либо же - два пушечных контейнера с 23-мм пушками, как на данной фотографии. Также хорошо видны ракеты Р-60, такими же был подбит южнокорейский Boeing 707 на Кольском полуострове. Ракеты обычно выпускались парой - с тепловой и радиолокационной ГСН.
Photographed over the Baltic, this Flagon-F carries the standard pair of AA-3 Anab missiles (one IR and one SAR) on the outboard wing pylons and side-by-side GSh-23 twin-barrel 23-mm cannon pods on fuselage pylons.
The photograph illustrating the definitive cranked wing introduced with Flagon-E.
Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon
This view of Flagon-G tandem-seat conversion trainers illustrates the pronounced nose high attitude of the aircraft. Apparent are the pupil's rear view periscopic sight and the instructor’s retracted mirror.