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A Martin B-57B operating in Japan
An EB-57E variant.
Republic F-105B 57-5780 was one of the 65 "B" model Thunderchiefs built. It is shown here with the insignia of the 335th TFS, "The Chiefs", a component of the 4th TFW at Seymour Johnson AFB, first to equip with the Republic fighter. This aircraft later was used by the 141st TFS, New Jersey ANG.
F-105Ds of the 563rd TFS, 23rd TFW, such as 62-4398 depicted here, were the first Thunderchiefs to operate over Vietnam. With aircraft yet to be camouflaged, they carried 16 750-lb (340-kg) bombs each to attack Viet Cong targets in June 1965.
Many Thunderchiefs ended their operational careers with the Air National Guard. This F-105D - the full serial number is 59-1771 - bears the markings of the 149th TFS, Virginia ANG.
The built-up dorsal spine distinguishes 61-0047 as one of the 30 F-105Ds fitted with Thunderstick II fire control systems, with added Doppler and Loran navigation aids. The markings are those of the 563rd TFS, 23rd TFW, at McConnell AFB, Kansas, in May 1972.
63-8304 was one of the 143 two-seat F-105Fs that brought production of the Thunderchief to an end. This example, used by the 4537th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Nellis AFB, is unusual for its reversed camouflage pattern, used on about one in 20 aircraft. It later became an F-105G.
After F-105Fs had been specially equipped for "Combat Martin" jamming, "Commando Nail" precision night bombing and "Wild Weasel" SAM suppression roles in Vietnam, 60 were further modified to F-105Gs with "Wild Weasel III" equipment in fuselage-side fairings. With AGM-45A Shrike anti-radar missile visible on the wing pylon, this F-105G carries the markings of the 561st TFS, 23rd TFW, at McConnell AFB before deployment to Vietnam.