Air International 1990-11
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Air Zimbabwe, the national airline of what was Southern Rhodesia prior to the granting of independence to the East African state of Zimbabwe, has four Boeing 707-330Bs in its current fleet. The -330B designation identifies these aircraft as having been sold in the first instance to Lufthansa. The registrations were earlier in the "VP" series for British possessions in Central Africa, this changing to 'Z' for Zimbabwe with the "last three" of the registration unchanged.
Sudan Airways acquired two new Boeing 707-3J8Cs in 1974, close to the end of 707 production. Bearing the registrations ST-AFA and -AFB, they were named Blue Nile and White Nile respectively. The 3J8 designation was unique to Sudan Airways, in the series of Boeing customer identification numbers. When aircraft subsequently changed hands, the original numbers were retained: thus, Sudan also operated a 707-330B, -330C, -368C and - 369C acquired second hand.
Two Boeing 707-320s, previously operated by LAN Chile, were acquired by the Fuerza Aerea de Chile in 1983 (serial 902) and 1985 (serial 903). They are operated by Grupo 10, the principal transport element of the FAC, from Santiago International Airport to maintain regular links between the country's military bases.
The Royal Australian Air Force became a Boeing operator in 1979 when it bought two 707-338Cs that had been acquired as new aircraft by Qantas. They were given serial numbers in the A20 series, followed by three digits comprising the "last three" of the original Boeing construction number - eg, c/n 19627 was delivered to Qantas as VH-EAG and became A20-627, and c/n 19629/VH-EAI became A20-629.
During 1976/77, under the Peace Station programme, the Imperial Iranian Air Force took delivery of 14 Boeing 707-3J9Cs, equipped as tanker transports and with adequate communications for world-wide operation. They were fitted with Boeing high-speed refuelling booms, in an installation similar to that on the KC-135s, and also had Beech hose drum units in wing-tip pods.
The designation -353B applied to a pair of Boeing 707s purchased by the USAF to serve as Presidential transports, known when operating in this specific role as Air Force One. They were basically 7u7-32OCs, with special interiors and a comprehensive fit of communications and navigation equipment. The serial numbers were 62-6000 (c/n 18461) delivered in 1962 and 72-7000 (c/n 20630) delivered in 1972, for operation as VC-137Cs.