Air International 2019-11
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No guesses for where this B-2 Spirit is on final approach to. For at least two Class 19A WSINT missions, three B-2s arrived at Nellis for refuelling stops.
During snow, freezing temperatures and darkness. Bardufoss has the worst of weather conditions to endure.
Digging out a Merlin, and towing it back to the hangar.
Marshalling a Merlin helicopter in bitter sub-zero temperatures.
The Bardufoss hangar provides shelter from the snow and illumination, but little difference in temperature.
Watching over a colleague while performing engine maintenance.
Pushing an extinguisher cart in snowy, freezing conditions.
Buddy-buddy aerial refuelling between two Aeronautica Militaire Tornados.
The BOZ-102EC pod is dedicated to flare dispensation from the three containers seen on the underside. Note the missile warning system sensors on the aft section.
Dolomite backdrop, the mountains of north east Italy.
Tornado ECR MM7052/6-64 and Tornado IDS MM7072/6-30 on the wing of the photo ship.
A crew chief talks to the aircrew while working through pre-flight checks with Tornado ECR MM7055/6-65. The aircraft is loaded with a single captive carriage CATM-88 HARM missile.
Members of the Sezione Armieri load a live 1,000lb GBU-32 JDAM.
Members of the Sezione Armieri load a live AGM-88 HARM missile.
Sand stuck to the underside fuselage of a C-17A Globemaster III indicates this aircraft has undertaken desert strip landings during Operation Coyote.The flow patterns of sand show were debris collects during austere landing operations.
A B-52H Stratofortress climbs away from runway 03L at Nellis, with the number two jet rolling for take-off. The back drop to this shot is the unmistakeable Las Vegas Strip.
A mobile MQ-9 unit at Holloman carrying a US Air Force serial on the side.
A Honeywell TPE331-10 turboprop engine generates 950 horsepower and provides an endurance of up to 24 hours.
A fully loaded MQ-9 takes off from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Unlike American aircraft, Dutch Reapers will fly unarmed.
MQ-9 Reaper, serial number 07-027, assigned to the 29th Attack Squadron on the ramp at Holloman with the squadron's name 'Ghost Warriors' on the tail.
A front view of the MQ-9 Reaper showing the Raytheon Multi-Spectral Targeting System under the forward fuselage housed in a maintenance hangar at Holloman.
Squadron commander Lt Col Boudewijn Roddenhof concentrates flying an MQ-9 Reaper at Holloman Air Force Base during IQT.
One of the first two Dutch qualified crews busy flying a Reaper training mission at Holloman Air Force Base.
One of the first two Dutch sensor operators, proudly wearing the 306 Squadron badge, focuses on his computers during an IQT mission.
Strike power. An F-15E Strike Eagle assigned to the 17th Weapons Squadron makes a flex departure from runway 03R at Nellis.
Moving a generator on the flight line makes for tough work at -15°C.
This towing tug looks powerful but does not look geared for such snowy conditions.
Taking some punishment, Sailors and Royal Marines work on a rotor blade with their bare hands.
This toned-down camouflage laden PC-12 turboprop is not used to fly business executives around and about. This is a U-28A operated by Air Force Special Operations Command. Two U-28As were present at Nellis during Class 19A WSINT flying missions from the super base to desert strips in the Nevada Test and Training Range.
MC-130H Combat Talon II 89-0280 is assigned to the 1st Special Operations Squadron based at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Japan. Operated by Air Force Special Operations Command, the MC-130H conducts infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply missions in support of special operations forces in hostile or denied territory. The aircraft is equipped with a terrain-following and terrain-avoidance radar housed in the extended nose cone, a multispectral imaging turret and a suite of self-defence systems, the sensors for which are housed in the numerous blisters located around the fuselage.
U-2S Dragon Lady, serial number 80-1080/BB, with special tail markings for the 9th Operations Group commander at Beale Air Force Base, on final approach to runway 21L at Nellis.