Air Enthusiast 1972-02
H.Taylor - Flying the Consolidated Liberator /Viewed from the Cockpit/
A Liberator II, AL510, showing the round nacelles and dorset turret of this version, which had no direct USAAF equivalent.
Liberator IIIA FK222 in Coastal Command colours, the "A" in the designation indicating that this is a Lease-Lend equivalent of the Liberator III.
The same aircraft - one of 11 acquired at short notice for use in the Battle of the Atlantic - still bearing its USAAF serial number, 41-1087, in April 1942; note how the use of orthochromatic film appears to reverse the colours in the RAF markings.
The cockpit of a USAAF B-24, showing, compared with its contemporaries, the relatively complicated cockpit.
General arrangement drawing of the Liberator I AM916 as modified for operation by No 120 Squadron, with ASV radar and four 20-mm cannon in the tray under the front fuselage.
Liberator II AL504 in its final form as Commando, the Prime Minister's personal transport.