Air International 1995-01
J.Green - Air Pacific
Float-equipped DHC-2 Beaver VQ-FAA seen circa 1960 being launched from the beach in front of the capital city, Suva.
Publicity shot depicting an Air Pacific Boeing 747-200 over two typical Fijian islands. Although the airline initially leased its 747 from Qantas, since August 1993 an Air New Zealand example has been used.
Qantas Boeing 747-238 VH-EBK was the first 747 to be leased by the airline in 1985, later being replaced by other Qantas examples. Although wearing full Air Pacific colours, the aircraft retains its Australian registration.
Fiji Airways HS748 VQ-FBK on the Tarmac at Samoa circa 1971. Delivered new to the airline on October 6, 1969, this aircraft was sold to Bradley Air Services in Canada in December 1980. Note that the 748s, three of which were operated by the airline, were the first to carry the company's Marlin logo on the tail.
One-Eleven 479FU DQ-FBV operating the inaugural service to Brisbane in 1973. Note the first use of the Air Pacific colour scheme. Delivered new to the airline on August 4, 1973, it served until March 1984 when it was sold to the ETPS. The airline also bought one other new Srs 400, which was also sold to the UK MoD on retirement and joined RAE Farnborough, plus a second-hand example which was withdrawn from use and broken-up in 1981.
Heron IA VQ-FAL seen here at Nadi Airport was acquired by the airline from Qantas on March 24, 1959, and remained in service until lost in a crash at Taveuni on December 11, 1965.
DHA Drover VQ-FAR was one of the first aircraft operated by Fiji Airways, together with a Dragon Rapide, when the airline commenced operations in 1951.
To counter increasing jet competition in the region, the airline acquired Boeing 737-5Y0 DQ-FJB on lease from GPA in June 1992 and it remains current.