Air Pictorial 1955-08
The Hawker Hunter IV. This swept-wing fighter is now in service with the Royal Air Force and the Air Forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
First photograph of the Grumman XF10F-1 Jaguar single-jet fighter which first flew on 19th May, 1953. Only the prototype was built, the design being superseded by more advanced Grumman types. Even so, the Jaguar has been credited with a top speed of 720 m.p.h. The engine is a 7,200-lb . thrust J40 with afterburning. The sweepback of the wing can be varied in flight through 40 degrees. At minimum sweep, the span is 50 ft . 7 in.; at maximum sweep 36 ft . 8 in. Overall length is approximately 60 ft.
First of the sixty Vickers Viscount turboprop airliners on order for Capital Airlines of the United States. The Viscount is the first British airliner ever to go into domestic scheduled airline service in the U.S.
This civil version of a Stearman PT.17 recently photographed in Texas by one of our readers bears a Salvadorean registration, comprising the nationality letters "YS", followed by three figures.
The Supermarine 525 is the fastest and most powerful carrier-based aircraft yet built. This experimental aircraft is powered by two Rolls-Royce Avon engines, and its design will be the basis for a new single-seater aircraft, the N 113, on order for the Royal Navy.