Aeroplane Monthly 1981-11
E.Ackery - Tales of an Indifferent Naval pilot (1)
NEVILLE PARNELL'S plate, taken off the Australian coast near Brisbane, features the Sopwith Pup VH-PSP and the Fokker Triplane N864DR.
This Caudron G.III had the French official identity C4817 and an 80 h.p. Le Rhone rotary engine.
This Caudron G.III was probably N3066, from a batch of aircraft apparently delivered to Vendome, where this aircraft is known to have been in December 1916. The engine is a 100 h.p. Anzani.
A Caudron G.III flying at Geneva in July 1955.
The RNAS used the Caudron G.III for training purposes and 124 were used in the service, mainly at Vendome.