Aeroplane Monthly 1983-07
P.Capon - Capon's Corner
Assembled for a demonstration of C.19s at Hamble on February 19, 1931, can be seen, from left to right, G-AAY(N or P), G-AAK(Y or Z), G-ABFZ, an unidentified Mk III and G-AALA.
Another view of the experimental C.19 Mk IV, G-AAHM, taken at Hamble on July 24, 1931.
Cierva C.19, Mk IVP, photographed at Colchester, probably in the winter of 1932/3.
The Prince of Wales inspects Cierva C.19 Mk I, G-AAGK, at Hamble on September 3, 1929. Test pilot Rawson is sitting in the cockpit. This aircraft was sold abroad in January 1930.
C.19, Mk IIA, G-AAUA seen outside of the Avro Hamble experimental works in April 1930. This aircraft was used by Don J. de la Cierva for his flight from England to Spain and back in August/September 1930.
Cierva C.19, Mk III, G-AAYP at Hamble in 1930. It was scrapped in 1938.
The Cierva Hydrogiro C.17, Mk II, built by Avro, at Hamble, Southampton Water, on April 25, 1930.
The de Havilland-built Cierva C.24 at Stag Lane on August 8, 1931 during construction. This aircraft still exists and is currently on display at the Mosquito Museum at Salisbury Hall.
The Comper-built Cierva C.25, G-ABTO, during construction at Comper's Hooton Works in January 1932. The fuselage was probably taken off the Swift production line and modified.
The same aircraft on February 20, 1932 at Hooton. Cierva is in the cockpit and Flt Lt Nick Comper stands alongside.