Aeroplane Monthly 1983-09
P.Capon - Capon's Corner
View of the prototype Dornier Do X flying boat taken during its visit to Calshot on November 10-15, 1930. D-1929 was powered by twelve 600 h.p. Curtiss Conqueror engines and first flew in July 1929 from Bodensee. On leaving Calshot the Do X flew on to Lisbon where the wing was damaged by fire.
Lockheed DL-1A Vega NC934Y arrived at Hamble in Summer 1931 for a European tour.
HRH Eduard, Prince of Wales, arrives at Hamble in Wapiti 1A J9095 on September 3. 1929, en route to inspect the RAE High Speed Flight at Calshot.
Monocoupe 90 G-ABBR (125 h.p. Warner Scarab) at Hamble in July 1930.
This photograph D.H.80A Puss Moth G-ABGT is seen at Hamble in Mav 1931.
The author admires Avro Avian III G-EBVI, in which he took his ticket on October 12, 1929.
Comper Swift G-ABRE at Hooton in October 1931.
Capt Frank Hawkes in his Travel Air Model R at Hamble on June 22, 1931.
G-AAFR shortly before its crash.
<...> Spartan G-AAFR after its crash at Bursledon on March 27, 1930.
D.H.60G Moth G-AAJR of the Hampshire Aeroplane Club at Hamble in August 1929.