Aeroplane Monthly 1983-09
R.Beamont - Typhoon trials (2)
Typical Typhoon attacks recorded by camera-gun. A Ju 52 being shot down by Belgian pilot ‘Mony’ Van Lierde. This pilot was later acredited with shooting down 52 V-1 flying bombs in Tempests.
Detal's attack on a Ju 88 on a German airfield to the south of Paris. The aircraft has just collapsed under a hail of fire onto its port wing.
Typhoon Ib EK286 Fiji VI photographed before delivery in April 1943. Despite the stripes the silhouette was often mistaken for an Fw190, and a C.O. of 609 Sqn, Sqn Ldr Thornton Brown, was shot down by P-47 Thunderbolts near Brussels in the Summer of 1943.
Plt Off Charles Detal, a Belgian who flew Typhoons with 609 Sqn, became a leading exponent in ground attack.
A formation of 56 Sqn Typhoons.
Two sections taxy out for a low-level operation from 609 Sqn dispersal at RAF Manston in 1943.