Aeroplane Monthly 1983-09
T.Swain - Across the Rocks
John Mrazek’s Harvard and Jerry Janes' Beech SNB-1 westbound over some stunning scenery at Rogers Pass, just before an equally stunning thunderstorm.
The author himself points to some pretty flow-visualisation on his beloved Bessy after the long trip. Canadian Harvard wheel wells are different from those on American T-6s, which do not have this oil burble-pattern.
Climbing out for Revelstoke, just north of Langley, BC; mountains rising to 6,000ft on either side along the Frazer Canyon; a few miles west of Hope, the valley floor opens out; on finals for Delta Air Park.
Maclean, Jones, Keith MacMann in his red and white MkIV, and Bessy’s wing arrive over downtown Edmonton.
CF-UFZ Bessy, ex RCAF 20321, is overall yellow with a white “retired” flash.
John Mrazek investigates some more mountain terrain in his Harvard Mk IV.
The author's wife Mary smiles on discovering the way home down Frazer Canyon.