Aeroplane Monthly 1983-10
J.Atkins - Back to the boneyard
In the foreground there are some of Davis-Monthan’s numerous Skyhawks - the total approaches 200. Lockheed Neptunes repose behind them.
Closely packed A-4 Skyhawks have their canopies covered to prevent the greenhouse effect causing heat damage in the cockpits.
A city of B-52s awaits demolition. Usable equipment is removed before the airframes are scrapped, and complete examples are earmarked for preservation.
Ranks of Grumman E-1 Tracers alternate with S-2 Trackers, sheltering under their AEW Radomes and folded wings. In the background stand twin-engined Convair C-131 Samaritans and Boeing KC-97s.
Our pilgrimage to Davis-Monthan ends with Sikorsky H-34s; their pugnacious noses face an uncertain future.
Tail sections of F-102 Delta Daggers stacked like unwanted gravestones.
The hulk of a Lockheed EC-121 rears against the sky.