Aeroplane Monthly 1985-10
Personal album
Two Far East Fokkers in transit. On the left is Air-Orient's F.VIIb-3m F-ALZR (later Air France's La Resolve) and on the right KLM's F.XII PH-AIJ Ijsvogel (Kingfisher).
KLM's Fokker F.VIIb-3m PH-AEO being refuelled by members of the Siamese air force (the Royal Aeronautical Service). Formerly H-NAEO, this Fokker went to Air-Orient as F-ALSA, passed to Air France as La Joyeuse, and later became CS-AAM in Portugal.
Air-Orient's Fokker F.VIIb-3m F-ALUJ in transit. This aeroplane passed to Air France as La Semillante.
Australian National Airways Avro Ten (licence-built Fokker F.VIIb-3m) VH-UMG Southern Star at Bangkok in January 1932. On November 20, 1931, Southern Sun had left Sydney on the first all-Australian mail flight to England, but it was wrecked at Alor Star. Charles Kingsford Smith then flew to Alor Star in Southern Star to pick up the mail and fly it to Croydon. Kingsford Smith and G. U. Allan left Hamble on the return flight on January 7, 1932, Siamese air force picture was taken during the return journey. Included in the photograph with Kingsford Smith are Siamese officials and Robert Cain, who later escaped from Siam at the time of the Japanese invasion of that country, returned to England and joined the Parachute Regiment. Later he won the Victoria Cross at Arnhem.
PH-AIO Oehoe (Eared Owl), the first of KLM's fleet of five Fokker F.XVIIIs. These Fokkers were built specifically for the Far East route and were delivered between July and October 1932. Oehoe is seen arriving at Bangkok with the refuelling team at the ready.
KLM’s Fokker F.IX PH-AGA Adelaar (Eagle) is believed to have made only one return trip over the Far East route, leaving Amsterdam, with mail, on November 13, 1930, and arriving back on December 23. Ivan Smirnoff was in command. PH-AGA is seen being refuelled on that occasion, with W. J. Clennell at the top of the ladder in the lower right-hand photograph.
The F. XVIII PH-AIO Oehoe climbs away over the hangars at Don Muang.