Air International 1981-04
Aircraft of No 5 Squadron bearing the Maple Leaf emblem of that squadron, on the cowling, with "5" in white on a green leaf.
One of the first aircraft to carry the insignia of No 801 Squadron, a blue winged insignia on a white background. No 801 was commissioned at RNAS Yeovilton on 26 February, under the command of Lt Cdr Nigel Ward, RN. With five aircraft, No 801 will embark on HMS Invincible in mid-1981, with a primary role of air interception and secondary roles of reconnaissance and strike.
A three-view drawing of the Transall C 160 ASF, one of the two projected maritime surveillance variants.
Air view of the T182 Turbo Skylane, one of the recent additions to the Cessna line.
Ground view of the T182 Turbo Skylane, one of the recent additions to the Cessna line.
A No 5 Squadron Westland Wapiti in India in 1937, on which the emblem can just be distinguished on the fin, but it appears that the marking was, in fact, seldom used either pre-war or in the early post-war period. It is currently carried on the squadron's Lightnings at Binbrook.
Reader Odd G Nilsen, of Oslo, writes to say that the reference in the "Model Enthusiast"’ column of AIR International/December 1980 (page 290), to Esci’s model of the UH-1D representing a Royal Norwegian Air Force machine is incorrect. The Royal Norwegian Air Force has only the UH-1B version of the Bell helicopter (as illustrated here), serving in Lebanon and not in the Sinai as mentioned. The UH-1B does not have the UN flag on the fuselage, but only the Royal Norwegian Air Force insignia plus the letters UN under the cabin windows and under the fuselage.