Air International 1984-09
The Mirage 2000
Trials are confirming the all-round intercept capability of the long-range Matra SUPER 530 air-to-air missile, from tree-top level to 80,000 ft. Over 20 firings have been performed from the MIRAGE 2000, covering different altitudes and speeds, attack angles and snap-up/snap-down profiles. In each case, the target was hit or the missile crossing distance (6 m) was well within the warhead lethal range.
The MIRAGE 2000 C of the I/2 "Cigognes” Fighter Squadron.
The Alpha Jet NGEA
The first of 20 British Aerospace 146-200s for Pacific Southwest Airlines, which put this jetliner into service in California during June 1984.
The modernised Mirage 5
Летчики ВВС Испании "вставали на крыло" на самолете T-35 Tamiz, более известном как ENAER Pillan, в Сан-Хавьере. Освоив T-35, они приступали к полетам на C.101 из подразделения "Escuela de Vuelo Basico", также дислоцированного в Сан-Хавьере.
Operationnally-proven capabilities of the Aerospatiale AM.39 EXOCET air-to-sea missile combine with the long-range patrol and detection capabilities of the MIRAGE 2000 to provide an unmatched naval deterrent to those air forces whose responsabilities also include large maritime zone protection.