Air Pictorial 1986-01
M.English - "Mallet Blow"
Fairchild A-10 "Warthog" of the U.S.A.F.'s 81st Tactical Fighter Wing based at R A F. Bentwaters. Note the underwing ALQ-119 jamming pod and what appears to be a hemispherical fairing on the muzzle of the GAU-8A cannon in the nose
Harrier GR 3 of No. 3 Squadron, RAF Gutersloh, Germany, armed with a single practice bomb carrier on its centre pylon - briefly skylined on its run in to attack the target
Low-level attack by a Jaguar GR 1 of No 2 Squadron, RAF, Laarbruch, which the Rapier crew found difficult to track
An R.A.F. Tornado GR 1 of No 16 Squadron from Laarbruch, Germany, flies low over the range safety facility to bomb the target bridge. It is armed with a chaff/flare dispenser, Sky Shadow jammer and a pair of practice bomb dispensers