Air Pictorial 1986-01
Taken some years ago, this photo shows a Beriev M-12 (Be-12) Tchaika ("Seagull") maritime patrol amphibian of the Soviet Naval Air Force, coded "78", taxi-ing past its piston-engined predecessor, the Be-6, which was preserved on a rock at the entrance to a Fleet base. Location is unknown, but perhaps readers can supply further information
Further to John Cook's notes on Air Atlantis in the September 1985 issue, Andrew Denholm has produced this photo of the airline's Boeing 707, CS-TBA, at Edinburgh
Passing through Nadi International Airport, Fiji, on 5th December 1984, Air Caledonie International's Aerospatiale Caravelle Super 10 F-GEPC, c/n. 184, was operating a regular service from its base at Noumea to Wallis Island. Note Corse Air sticker
Paul Berry's photo of Lockheed T-33A 51-4413 which is preserved on the battlements of a castle at Gjirokaster in the south of Albania
Also seen at Nadi, on 22nd July 1984, Hawker Siddeley US 748 Ml 8203, c/n. 1797, belongs to the Airline of the Marshall Islands and at the time was operating under charter to Kiribati
Assembled by Valmet, HW-350, the 50th and last British Aerospace Hawk Mk.51 for the Finnish A.F., was handed over on 8th October 1985. It bears the name "Paavo Janhunen", commemorating the late chief test pilot of the Finnish A.F. who was killed in a crash last April. The Finnish A.F. has expressed interest in another 30 Hawks
Lockheed Ventura II AE854 of No. 464 Squadron, R.A.A.F., which was formed on the type at Feltwell on 1st September 1942. It re-equipped with Mosquitoes in August 1943
Venturas of No. 21 Squadron, R.A.F., at Bodney in January 1941. Note the twin depressable 0.303-in. machine-guns in the nose and fixed 0.5-in. gun above
Ventura NZ4638 of No. 2 Squadron, R.N.Z.A.F., circles over Green Island in the Northern Solomons where the squadron was based during its second tour of operations in the Pacific. No 2 continued to fly Venturas, from Ohakea, New Zealand, until 1947.