Air Pictorial 1995-04
G.Swanborough - British aircraft at war, 1939-1945 (16)
A Hampden 1 bearing the prewar codes of No 66 Sqn at RAF Waddington.
Hampden TB Mk 1 in service with RNZAF-manned No 489 Sqn, in 1942. The code letters XA appear to have been overpainted.
An early production Meteor F Mk 1, EE227, in the hands of No 616 Sqn, first in the RAF to fly jet fighters.
Meteor III EE360/G fitted with Derwent V engines to serve as the prototype F Mk IV, flown two weeks after V-E Day.
Meteor IIIs of No 124 Sqn, which began flying this mark in July 1945.
The first F.9/40 - prototype for the Meteor - to fly, DG206/G was fitted with Halford H.1 engines. A wide centre section gave this F.9/40 alone a span of 44 ft 3 in (13.49 m). It first flew on March 5, 1943.
The first Gloster E.28/39, W4041 (Ex Aero 137) in flight
The first of the Hafner Rotachutes on tow (behind a car) showing the original configuration of the ‘inflatable’ fuselage fairing.
The final form of Rotachute, the Mk IV, showing the lengthened, rigid, afterbody and added endplate fins.
The sole prototype of the Hafner Rotabuggy in flight (on tow) at Sherburn-in-Elmet. Identified as Experimental Aeroplane 207 in A.P.1480X, this may have been the vehicle for which the serial number RD123 was intended.
A pair of Heyford IIIs serving with No 166 Sqn before the war; nearest the camera is K6889 ‘R’ which went on to fly with No 4 Air Observers School until mid-1940.
A pre-war photograph of the Hafner A.R.III G-ADMV, which was at REA Farnborough until mid-1940.
The Handley Page H.P.42E G-AAUC after impressment as AS981, in service with No 271 Sqn at Doncaster in 1940.