Air Pictorial 1999-10
H.Gethin - MAKS 99
Newly delivered to the Moscow Fire Department was this Mil Mi-26 in a striking red and white scheme.
Highlight of the military displays at MAKS ’99 was the Sukhoi S.37 Berkut. Its unorthodox layout emphasised even more a routine which eclipsed many previous displays by Sukhoi designs. However, its future as a production fighter appears bleak, despite its fifth generation status.
Insufficient funding has seriously delayed the Tu-334 programme, the prototype 100/130-seater flying in February 1999, four years behind schedule.
Yet another Su-27 development was this Su-27KUB naval trainer which incorporates the side-by-side seating layout of the Su-27IB strike aircraft with a circular nose shape in place of the flattened oval cross section of the IB.
Test-flying the An-140 continues towards certification, with some 700 flights made to date. The aircraft at Moscow, one of two flying, incorporated dihedral on the tailplane.
The Beriev Be-12P-200 fire-fighting conversion of the Mail ASW amphibian.
The attractively workmanlike Krunichev T-411 prototype is heading for certification next year, and is unchanged from its appearance at MAKS ’97.
More basic was a mock-up of Krunichev’s T-517, with a podded cabin in a frame structure.