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Airbus - A330neo - 2017 - International
Страна: International
Год: 2017

Airbus predicts demand for more than 5,000 medium-sized aircraft out ot 2038, including A330neos.
This aircraft, F-WTTN (msn 1795), pictured here during its first flight, is one of two A330-900neos that will be used during a 1,100-flying hour certification testing campaign for the variant.
Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines with their 112-inch (2.8m) fan diameter and Sharklet wingtip devices make the A330neo stand out from older A330 variants.
The six-member crew for the A330neo's maiden flight (from left to right): Flight Test Pilot Engineer Alain Pourchet; Flight Test Engineer Jean-Philippe Cottet; Flight Test Engineer Gert Wunderlich; Experimental Test Pilot Thomas Wilhelm; Flight Test Engineer Emiliano Requena Esteban; and Experimental Test Pilot Thierry Bourges.
The first A330-900neo rolled out late in December. Note the Sharklet wingtip devices and the ‘shades’ cockpit design, two of the main visual differences from older A330s.
The first A330-900, seen here in the Toulouse paint shop, is due to fly in the first half of this year.
Airbus' A330-800neo test aircraft F-WTTO (msn 1888) lifts from Toulouse on its November 6, 2018, maiden flight.
The A330-800 had only eight orders at the time of writing, but Airbus believes there's a large A330-200 replacement market for the variant.
The A330-800 offers a maximum take-off weight of 242,000kg and up to 7,500nm range.
Although its fuselage is just 5m shorter than that of the Airbus A330-900, the -800 has the appearance of an altogether more compact machine. With the same weights and fuel as a -900, the -800 is able to fly considerably further
The A330-800 flight test aircraft F-WTTO (msn 1888) photographed during its maiden flight on November 6, 2018. This aircraft is now undergoing 300 hours of testing to certify the variant.
A higher-performance A330-900 began test flying in March 2020.
Airbus announced receipt of EASA certification for the 251-tonne MTOW on October 8, 2020. This was the first flight of the revised aircraft, on February 28, 2020
Airlines can now choose a higher-weight option on the A330-900
Одним из дебютантов международного аэрокосмического салона Farnborough-2018 стал широкофюзеляжный среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет A330-900 NEO. На выставке демонстрировались два таких лайнера - опытный (на фото) и в окраске стартового заказчика - португальской авиакомпании TAP.
Delivery of the A330-900neo to launch operator TAP Portugal is due during the fourth quarter.
The Airbus A330-900 is now cleared for operations beyond 180 minutes' flying time from the nearest diversion airport, with airlines able to opt for up to 235 minutes, if desired.
h Airbus visited Cochabamba, Bolivia, for its A330-900 medium altitude campaign
Thai AirAsiaX results from a joint venture between the Malaysian carrier and Asia Aviation; AirAsia has ordered 78 Airbus A330-900s, with two in service by the end of October 2020
AirAsia was particularly vociferous in its call for a re-engined Airbus A330
On May 13, 2019 Azul became the first Airbus A330neo operator in the Americas. The Brazilian airline has four A330-900s in service, of which, PR-ANZ (c/n 1876), was the first
The initial A330neo has been delivered to Cebu Pacific
Condor is introducing a distinctive striped livery, seen here on its first A330neo, due to be delivered later in 2022
According to Condor, its bold new livery was inspired "by parasols, bath towels and beach chairs"
Garuda Indonesia has 12 Airbus A330-900s on order, with three delivered
Portuguese wet-leasing specialist Hi Fly took delivery of its first Airbus A330-900 CS-TKY (msn 1929) in Toulouse, joining the carrier's all-Airbus fleet of an A380,15 A330/A340s and four A320s. The A330-900 is being leased from Air Lease Corporation and is configured with 371 seats (353 economy, 17 business).
SpiceJet is scheduled to deploy a wet-leased Hi Fly A330-900 to service the London route
This Airbus A330-800,9K-APF (c/n 1964) - seen departing Toulouse, France for the Middle East - was one of two delivered to Kuwait Airways on October 29, 2020. The airline is the first to place the shorter A330neo variant into revenue service
TAP Portugal will introduce the A330-900neo, CS-TUA (msn 1819), this year. Airbus has sold 214 A330neo family aircraft so far.
Engine delivery delays held up the A330neo’s delivery to TAP, which was due to put the aircraft into service in December 2018.
Certification testing involved TAP A330-900neo CS-TUA (msn 1819) undertaking a route-proving campaign which included a stop in Mauritius, pictured here.
TAP Air Portugal has most of its 100-strong fleet in storage while it operates just 25 flights a week during the COVID-19 crisis.
TAP received its first A330-900, CS-TUB (msn 1836), on November 26, 2018, the first of 21 the Portuguese carrier will operate.
A330-900neo CS-TUB (msn 1836) is one of the first two customer A330neos recently rolled out by Airbus.
Air Senegal is the latest iteration of the country's flag carrier following the collapse of its predecessors.
Airbus has rolled out the first A330-900neo for another operator, WOW Air, but a declining overall backlog for the aircraft means the company is to lower output of its best-selling widebody.
Assembly work on the initial Airbus A330-800neo is underway in Toulouse ahead of its planned mid-2018 first flight.
The fuselage section for the first Airbus A330-800neo under assembly in Hamburg. Final assembly of the aircraft is due to start by the end of the year.
The first demonstrator engine of the Trent 7000, the seventh member of the Trent family, recently had its first run. The engine will power the A330neo.
6 ноября 2018г. в Тулузе совершил первый полет авиалайнер A330-800, относящийся к семейству A330neo.
Business class IFE seat inside the A330neo Airspace cabin.
The version of Airbus' Airspace cabin concept for the A330neo includes adjustable LED lighting and a customisable entrance area.
HiFly’s Airbus A330-900 business class cabin
The wet-leased A330neo also boasts an impressive premium cabin
Passengers have a new in-flight entertainment system with HD video, 3-D capabilities and touchscreens.
LED mood lighting will feature in the A330neo cabin.
The economy class cabin of Hi Fly’s A330neo, soon to be in service with SpiceJet
The Incremental Development programme has laid the foundations for the A330neo variants, the first of which is due to fly this year.
The Airbus A330-900neo, one of two members of the A330neo family launched at Farnborough on July 14, 2014. The A330neo will use A350-style Sharklet wingtips to assist fuel efficiency.
TAP Portugal has been confirmed as the launch operator of the A330-900neo, which is due to fly early next year. The airline will also be the launch customer for the newly unveiled Airspace cabin.
AirAsia will put the A330-900neo in service later next year, having recently bought another 34 examples to join the 66 it previously ordered. The airline’s first example of the re-engined widebody will be delivered next year.
Virgin Atlantic's order for A330neos was announced on the opening day.
Airbus has launched the ACJ330neo, a private jet version of the A330neo, with the capability to fly 25 passengers 9,400nm (17,400km) and accommodate conference!dining areas, a private office, bedroom, bathroom and guest seating.
Emirates' provisional agreement for A330neos has yet to be finalised.