Air International 2016-09
I.Harding - Operations Across All Boundaries /Military/
The Merlin HC3/HC3As formerly operated by the Royal Air Force are now operated by the Commando Helicopter Force at RNAS Yeovilton.
The 17 Lynx AH9As will be withdrawn by April 2018.
The long-serving Gazelle AH1s continue to be used; 34 are in service at several locations in the UK and overseas.
ZK554 is one of 14 Chinook HC6s now in service; the remainder of the 60-aircraft Chinook fleet consists of a mixture of HC3s, HC4s and HC5s.
A Puma HC2 in the Salisbury Plain Training Area. Key modifications in the HC2 Life Extension Programme are more powerful engines, a fuel efficiency improvement, an upgraded cockpit with digital displays, and the addition of theatre entry standard equipment.
Two of JHC’s 50 Apache AH 1s. The UK Ministry of Defence has recently ordered 50 latest-generation AH-64Es.
The Wildcat AH1 is designed to fulfil a range of roles including intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition, limited troop and material movement, escort, force protection, offensive action and direction of fire and airborne forward air control.