Air Enthusiast 2003-03
S.Gifford - Vesatile informer
Condor Legion Hs 126 No.1 of A/88 having 'dinged' the prop.
Typical western front scene, a Staffel of Hs 126s during the early war years.
Wearing the typically bulky winter flying clothing necessary in the far north, an observer boards a hard worked Hs 126 of 1(H)/32.
The crew of 'C2+GA' of Stab(H)/41 prepare for a mission. The aircraft shows signs of battle damage, including a single bullet hole behind the observer's position.
Luftwaffe groundcrew at work on an Hs 126B.
Hs 126 '19-3' of the Condor Legion in Spain undergoing maintenance.
'20+121' of 1(H)/12 complete with spats.
Winter camouflage in 'V7+5M' of 5(H)/32.
Stork emblem of 1(H)/32 on a Hs 126 operating in Finland, 1942.
Wheel spats were commonly removed in service.
Aircraft 'D' of 3(H)/23 Pz just prior to the invasion of the USSR.
An Hs 126 of 1(H)/12 wearing pre-war code '20+C21' during an exercise.
Russian front, 'C2+CK' of 2(H)/41.
Hs 126 wearing an unusually narrow yellow theatre band.
Unusual view showing the field of fire for the observer's MG 15.
Typical landing accident caused by rough field operation.
Henshel Hs 126B-I.