Air Enthusiast 2003-02
S.Gifford - Vesatile informer
Hs 126 '19-3' of the Condor Legion in Spain undergoing maintenance.
Condor Legion Hs 126 No.1 of A/88 having 'dinged' the prop.
Aircraft 'D' of 3(H)/23 Pz just prior to the invasion of the USSR.
'20+121' of 1(H)/12 complete with spats.
Typical western front scene, a Staffel of Hs 126s during the early war years.
Hs 126 wearing an unusually narrow yellow theatre band.
An Hs 126 of 1(H)/12 wearing pre-war code '20+C21' during an exercise.
Russian front, 'C2+CK' of 2(H)/41.
Stork emblem of 1(H)/32 on a Hs 126 operating in Finland, 1942.
Luftwaffe groundcrew at work on an Hs 126B.
Winter camouflage in 'V7+5M' of 5(H)/32.
Wheel spats were commonly removed in service.
Wearing the typically bulky winter flying clothing necessary in the far north, an observer boards a hard worked Hs 126 of 1(H)/32.
The crew of 'C2+GA' of Stab(H)/41 prepare for a mission. The aircraft shows signs of battle damage, including a single bullet hole behind the observer's position.
Unusual view showing the field of fire for the observer's MG 15.
Typical landing accident caused by rough field operation.
Henshel Hs 126B-I.