Air Enthusiast 2003-03
J.Forsgren - West African swedes
Both MFI-15s and Hughes 500 GSH-512 on the apron at Hastings.
Hughes 500 GS-H1 at Sulima, in southern Sierra Leone, near the border with Liberia.
A landing site in Freetown with Hughes 9L-LAP, the Presidential Mercedes and motorcycle escort.
President Siaka Stevens and the US Ambassador to Liberia in front of Hughes GS-H1.
Hughes GSH-525 in front of the presidential palace in Freetown.
Hughes 500 GS-H525 during a welcoming скукьщтн at Siaka Stevens' home village near Blama.
Autair's Bell 47Gs 9L-LRD and -LRN during Robert McNamara's visit.
An MFI-15 about to land at Hastings.
The airfield at Hastings as seen from the hangar. Only MFI-15 GST-444 is missing.
A view of the hangar at Hastings.
Unloading MFI-15 SE-FIY at Lungi.
Hastings airfield - both MFI-15s are on the apron.
Rei Stenberg, James Taylor-Morgan and Sven-Erik Everstal prior to a training flight.
The 'office' of MFI-15 GST-444.
US Navy C-117 12437 at Hastings, 1975 or 1976.
A close-up of the 'Voodoo' nose art painted on C-117 12437.