Air Enthusiast 2003-02
P.Hare - That 'ban'
Photographed during the military trials at Larkhill, (from which the competitor number 16 was applied) this Bristol (Nieuport ???) monoplane is similar to that flown by Mr Lindsay Campbell.
Nieuport monoplane which served with the RFC as 253 is identical to that in which Loraine and Wilson crashed, becoming the first fatalities of the new service.
A two-seat Bleriot XI built after its creator's report. The increased height of the cabane and consequent improvement in the angle of the landing wires are obvious.
The Chanute hang-glider from which the Wright brothers, and most other designers, adopted the 'Pratt Tuss' bracing system.
A victim of the monoplane ban. This Martin Handasyde could not be sufficiently streghtened to meet the required factor of safety and it was withdravn from service and broken up.
A Martin Handasyde monoplane similar to that in which Edward Petre died when the wings collapsed.
A Bristol Prier Monoplane in flight over Stonehenge during 1912, probably during the Military Aeroplanes trials at nearby Larkhill.
Bristol Boxkite at Point Cook, Australia in 1914, demonstrating its very thin wing.
The Fokker E.III 'Eindekker' which created havoc on the Western Front during 1915.
Residual prejudice, and an allegedly high landing speed preventing the Bristol M.1 from seeing service on the Western Front.