Air Enthusiast 2003-03
K.Stenman - Lapland war
Ilyushin DB-3M DB-21 of PLeLv 46 gleams in the sun at Kemi in November 1944.
Ilyushin Il-4 DF-25 of PLeLv 46 ready for a mission from Kemi in November 1944.
Petlyakov Pe-2 PE-211 of PLeLv 48 parked at Vesivehmaa in September 1944. On October 2, 1944, this machine flew the only mission of the type in Lapland, photographing Kemi air base.
Brewster Model 239 BW-355 of HLeLv 26 about to take off at Onttola for transfer to Vaala on October 2, 1944. At the controls is 1Lt Reino Sartjarvi: three weeks later German anti-aircraft artillery shot him down in this aircraft.
Junkers Ju 88A-4 JK-266 of PLeLv 44 loaded with two 250kg and two 500kg bombs at Kemi in November 1944. Capt Jouko Saarinen flew this machine on 12 missions.
Blenheim IV BL-201 was the personal aircraft of PLeLv 48 commander Maj Esko Ahtiainen, seen here at Vesivehmaa in September 1944. In Lapland he piloted this machine on five missions.
Morko-Morane MSv-624 of TLeLv 14 parked at Kemi in late November 1944.
Myrsky MY-22 of HLeLv 26 at Kemi around the time of the last mission on November 23, 1944.