Air Enthusiast 2003-03
J.Cicalesi, C.Gaizo, S.Rivas - Into the jet age
Part of a line-up celebrating the phase-out of the Avro Lincoln at Reynolds air base in 1967: A-4B C-204, Meteor C-002 and Paris E-234.
Mounted on a TR-50 rack - designed and built in Argentina - 5in T-10 rockets came into use in early 1960. Note the Peruvan Air Force C-46 in the background.
Formation over Buenos Aires province.
A Meteor fitted with 100 gallon tanks from an F-86.
A pilot getting in. Mk.4s did not have ejection seats.
C-051 in storage after withdrawal from storage.
Photographed from an MS.760, a Meteor of the 'Escuadrillia 46 de Acrobacia'.
Line-up at the VII Brigada Aerea de Moron in Buenos Aires province.
C-057 had an accident-free life, serving up to the final wind down in 1970.
I-099, the second to last of the batch. Unlike the vast majority of Argentine Meteors, it had an unblemished flying record.
C-035 in May 1960, shortly before it was destroyed in a mid-air collision that July.
Striping on the ventral tank and a rear fuselage strip are notheworthy on this view of C-01.
In flight view of the last Argentine Mk.4s - I-100.
After landing at the forge Newbery city airport, a Meteor is towed to the 'Julio 9' exhibition in September 1947.
В июне 1955 г. летчики "Метеоров" воевали и за Президента Перона, и против него
Tucking the gear up quickly following a rough field take-off.
Believed pictured during flight test in the UK, I-065 was destroyed in a forced-landing in 1958.
C-094 with green chequers on the fin and rudder.
Camouflaged Meteors preparing for an exercise in 1966.
Argentine-made 275lb (125kg) bombs under the wing of a Meteor F.4. Note the wires for arming them.
At work on the nose gear. Note the large lead balance weights on the bulkhead.
Gloster Meteor F.4.