Air Enthusiast 1995-09
P.Porter - Hub of the first USAAF
Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 25763 ‘LL-F’ Bomb-Boogie of the 401st BS, 91st BG, Bassingbourn.
Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 25846 ‘MS-X’ Tinker Toy of the 535th BS, 381st BG, Ridgewell.
The crew of the Memphis Belle parading at Bovingdon, 1943.
Brigadier General Robert B Williams, First Air Division commander, saying good-bye prior to leaving the UK in a B-17 from the 303rd BG at Molesworth.
Working on the port inner engine of a 303rd BG B-17 at Molesworth. The nose-art looks very much like the famous Thunder Bird.
Ground personnel of the 379th BG, Kimbolton, watch a formation of B-17s heading for the target ‘somewhere in Europe’, March 12, 1945.
B-17G Murderous Witch of the 457th BG at Glatton 1944 when the name seemed as good as any...
Quick change... With all references to murder and similar activities quickly banned following a German propaganda coup, the Witch changed her attitude!
Interior of a 381st BG Fortress, Ridge well, August 13, 1943.
Captain Clark Gable in the waist gun position of 91st BG B-17 Delta Rebel at Bassingbourn.
Boeing YB-29 Superfortress 41-36963 at Glatton on March 11, 1944 - home of the 457th BG. This was surely the first visit of a B-29 to the UK.
P-51D Mustang of the 20th FG, 55th FS, King’s Cliffe, 1945.
Polebrook was no stranger to the B-17. Fortress I of 90 Squadron, 2 Group, ready for take-off while the groundcrew pose in the foreground, 1941.