Air Enthusiast 1995-09
Romanian Round-Out
The first Messerschmitt Bf 109Ga-6, Black 316, manufactured at the IAR-Brasov plants. It was rolled out and test flown on February 9, 1945. All factory inscriptions were in Romanian.
Basarabia, August 1941. A Cant Z.1007bis and a MC.200 of the Reparto Autonomo Cinematografico di Volo sit in the sun ready for action in company with a Romanian IAR-80 of Grup 8. The Macchi is coded ‘81-12’ and still sports the 1st Stormo badge (‘The Archer’) on the white fuselage band.
Replica IAR-80 on display at Bucharest.
The SET XV was one of the IAR-80’s competitors for the national fighter title. Only one SET fighter was finally completed.
The unnumbered prototype of the IAR-27 trainer made its debut on June 8, 1937. The wheel covers were not employed on series-production airframes.
Model of the IASI-1941 liaison aircraft displayed at Bucharest.