Air Enthusiast 1997-01
C.Owers - Comparative 'Maggie'
The clean lines of the Magister belied some handling problems.
The Magister was never expected to be built in Australia but was to introduce the RAAF and CAC to the new type of trainer thought necessary for the emerging high powered service monoplanes then entering service. Avro Cadet Mk II in the background.
Prototype Commonwealth Wackett A3-1. With the exception of the cockpits, the aircraft was similar in outline to the Magister.
Tugan Gannet A14-3 and Magister outside a typical late 1930s RAAF hangar. The Gannet was another Wackett design. Tugan was acquired by CAC as the core on which it was to build its factory and took over the Gannet production line as evidenced by the CAC logo on the fin.