Air Pictorial 1958-05
Photo Review
GNAT SWALLOWER. One of a specially-constructed batch for the Indian Air Force, this Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar (IK464; code "Y") is an occasional visitor to England. l.A.F. Flying Boxcars have been used recently to fly out complete Folland Gnats.
TAXI, SENOR? En route to Venezuela this 4-seat Helio H-391B Courier broke its journey from Pittsburg (Kansas) at Miami International Airport. Note the full-span wing slats, and neat cowling for the 260-h.p. Lycoming GO-435-C flat-six. Customer will use the Courier for air-taxi work.
An Avro (Victory Aircraft) Lancaster 10-N (ex-FM208: now CF-KHH) called "Polaris" and owned by World Wide Airways Inc., Dorval Airport. Montreal.
WHAT AM I BID? Beech T-34 Mentors are now being declared surplus and are coming under the auctioneer's hammer. This T-34A (225-h.p. Continental O-470-13) has hurriedly-painted ferrying registration marks bearing witness to a ready sale.
One of the New Zealand-operated Auster Agricola crop dusters (ZK-BMJ) photographed at Rongotai, and now a dirty grey and green.
A Vickers Varsity T. Mk. 1 (WL681) based at Rochester Airport (Kent) aircrew trainer adapted for radar calibration tests. Note additional bulge to front of the ventral pannier.
A Danish S.A.I. KZ-III two-seater owned by S. Grum-Schnensen. Note non-standard spats.
DREIDEKKER. After the full-scale Fokker Dr. I (N5505V) in April Photo Review comes this 3/4-scale version, called the Sorrell Triplane after its owner-constructor who flies it from a private airstrip at Rochester (Washington State). Painted blood red, with silver rudder and white lettering, the Sorrell Triplane has a span of approximately 17 ft. 8 in., and is powered by a 65-h.p. Continental A65 flat-four. Perhaps triplanes are going to come back into vogue again?
WHERE'S THE DAY-GLO? With R.A.F. Fighter Command disposing of many of its Gloster Meteor F. Mk. 8s, we may expect to see F. Mk. 8s undertaking less aggressive roles. This one (VZ452) now sports "Trainer bands" at R.A.F. Training College, Manby.