Air International 2007-07
B.Walters - Aviation - An Environmental Hazard? /Commercial/
As a result of advances in component and materials technology the Trent 1000, being developed to power the Boeing 787, will be significantly more fuel-efficient than previous Trent engines.
Easyjet was one of Europe's earliest proponents of the no-frills model, and has grown rapidly. It originally favoured the Boeing 737, but subsequently placed a large order with Airbus for A319s, as illustrated here.
Last November, easyJet placed a £1 billion order with Airbus for 52 A319s, which the airline claims produces 27% lower emissions per passenger kilometre than similar, but older, models operated by competitors.
This Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800, used on Australian domestic routes, is being coated with a polymer which protects the surfaces from the extreme environments in the Southern hemisphere. More importantly, from an environmental point of view, it eliminates the need for regular washing - instead, the coating is applied annually.
Though conceived in response to a UK Government research project designed to reduce aircraft noise, the resulting blended wing-body concept is also more fuel-efficient than conventional aircraft. The proof-of-concept model illustrated has been designated SAX-40.