Boeing Boeing 737-600 / BBJ
Boeing - Boeing 737-600 / BBJ - 1998 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1998

Twin-turbofan airliner

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Boeing Model 737


   Model 737-600: первый в серии "Next Generation" с крылом увеличенного до 34,31 м размаха и большей хордой, повышенным запасом топлива, новым приборным оборудованием на основе ЖК-дисплеев и силовой установкой из двух ТРДД CFM56-7 тягой по 97,86,106,76 и 116,54 кН для 737-600,737-700 и 737-800 соответственно. 737-600 пришел на смену 737-500, выполнив первый полет в январе 1998 года. Поставки авиакомпании SAS начались в сентябре 1998 года
   Model 737-700: преемник 737-300 с аналогичной пассажировместимостью. Первый полет выполнил в феврале 1997 года, поставки в "Southwest Airlines* начались в декабре. 737-700ER с увеличенной дальностью, спроектированный на основе BBJ, представлен 31 января 2006 года, первый заказ получен от компании ANA. Конвертируемый 737-700C является коммерческим эквивалентом военного C-40A
   C-40A Clipper: 737-700 с боковой грузовой дверью спроектирован под требования ВМС США для замены С-9 Nightingale; заказан как C-39A, но потом обозначение изменено на C-40A. Первый самолет поставлен в апреле 2001 года, в начале 2007 года эксплуатировалось девять машин
   Model 737-800: преемник 737-400 с удлиненным до 39,47 м фюзеляжем, в котором возможно размещение в салонах двух классов 160 пассажиров или 189 пассажиров в салонах одного класса. Первый полет выполнил в июле 1997 года, первые поставки начаты авиакомпании "Hapag-Lloyd" в апреле 1998-го
   Model 737-900: заказан в ноябре 1997 года "Alaska Airlines", ответ "Boeing" на появление самолета Airbus A321. Фюзеляж, в сравнении с 737-800, удлинен на 2,64 м, что позволило установить кресла еще для 15 пассажиров; в типовом варианте с салонами двух классов вместимость составляет 177 пассажиров. Первый 737-900 передан "Alaska Airlines" 15 мая 2001 года. Вариант с увеличенными вместимостью и дальностью полета, 737-900ER, заказан "Lion Air" в июле 2005 года; первый самолет поставлен 27 апреля 2007 года
   Boeing Business Jet: BBJ стал первым специализированным бизнес-самолетом серии "New Generation" с фюзеляжем от 737-700, усиленным крылом и силовой установкой от 737-800. Первый экземпляр поставлен в конце 1998 года. Вариант BBJ для ВВС США, оснащенный специальными системами связи, получил обозначение C-40B. Сходный самолет, но без спецсвязи и с пассажировместимостью 42-111 человек обозначается C-40C. Разработаны также BBJ2 на основе 737-800 и BBJ3 на основе 737-900ER
First flights for three new aircraft were recorded in January 1998, the Dornier 328JET, the Boeing 737-600 (shown), and the Bombardier DH Dash 8Q Series 400.
First Boeing 737-700 during test flight programme (1998)
First Boeing 737-800 taking off on its maiden flight from Renton on 31 July 1997 (1998)
Boeing 737-6D6 7T-VJQ (c/n 30209), the first Series 600 for Air Algerie, was delivered to the Algerian national flag carrier on April 29, 2002. A further four 737-600 aircraft are due to join the Algiers-based airline by the end of this year.
The final aircraft in the Air Algerie order for seven new 737-8D6s and five 737-6D6s was due for delivery before the end of June 2002. Delivery of all seven 737-8D6s was completed when the final example was handed-over on July 23, 2001. The first two 737-6D6s were delivered on April 29 and May 22 of this year, followed by the two aircraft seen here, 7T-VJS (c/n 30210) and 7T-VJT (c/n 30546), on June 12, leaving just one more Series 600 for delivery later in the month.
Верный заказчик "Boeing" авиакомпания "Air China" выбрала 737-800 благодаря его способности вмещать почти 200 пассажиров, плюс экономичность двигателей CFM56-7B.
Brand-new Boeing 737-800s are being seen increasingly around Europe, Air Europa’s EC-HBN, one of ten on order, flying into Birmingham for a Cup Match on May 19, 1999.
Following the adverse publicity in the wake of the crash of the Helio Airways Boeing 737 last year, which killed all of those on board, the airline has undergone a name change and has now been rebranded as A-Jet Airways. One of the first aircraft to be painted up in the new colours is Boeing 737-86N 5B-DBI, which is seen here shortly after arriving at Southend Airport, Essex, on June 13 to undergo some maintenance work.
Two of Alaska Airlines first three 737-990s, N302AS (c/n 30017), N303AS (c/n 30016) and N304AS (c/n 30013), all of which were delivered during May 2001, are seen at the formal hand-over ceremony of the first aircraft in Seattle on May 15. This view from above particularly emphasises the 138ft 2in (42m)-long fuselage of the new variant, the longest and largest capacity Next-Generation 737.
First Boeing 737-8Q8 for newly-rebranded BWIA West Indies Airways, 9Y-GEO (c/n 28225), departs on delivery from Seattle on January 7, 2000. The aircraft, the first of six being leased from ILFC, also took with it 5,000lbs of relief supplies to Trinidad for onward transfer to Caracas, Venezuela, to provide aid following the recent devastating mudslides there. The new colour scheme had been first unveiled on a TriStar on December 2.
Continental Airlines’ first Boeing 737-924, N30401 (c/n 30118), was handed over in Seattle on May 29, 2001, making the airline the second carrier to take delivery of the new model.
Aircraft lining up at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington. The Boeing 737-800 at the head of the line is currently restricted to 155 seats. If proposals continue to develop the airport as a regional airport, other regional types will become commonplace.
London/Luton-based easyJet’s 25th new Boeing 737 takes off from Seattle on April 30, 2002 at the beginning of its delivery flight to the UK. The aircraft, 737-73V G-EZJO (c/n 30244), will be based at Liverpool and is the 13th Next-Generation 737-700 to join the airline, which has also, since 1997, received 12 new 737-300s.
For the first time, UK low-cost carrier easyJet will take delivery of three aircraft within the same month, the three 737-73Vs seen here all being due to join the airline over a 12-day period in June 2002. G-EZJO (c/n 30244) in the foreground, G-EZJP (c/n 32412) and unpainted N1788B (c/n 32413, to be G-EZJR) will be the 15th, 16th and 17th new 737-700s to join easyJet out of a total of 32 currently on firm order.
Israel's flag-carrier operates an all-Boeing fleet, which includes six Boeing 737 800s.
El Al is viewed as the world's most secure airline, partly because of the rigorous measures taken to screen passengers before they board any of its aircraft, such as this Boeing 737-758.
Arriving at Palma on July 31, 1999, was Euralair Boeing 737-800 F-GRNC in the colours of the FRAM tour company.
Illustrating the livery of newly launched Excel Airways is Boeing 737-81Q G-XLAD (c/n 29052, ex G-ODMW) at Manchester recently.
Hamburg International has received Boeing 737-700 D-ASKH, on lease from Pembroke Capital.
Low-cost carriers are playing an increasingly important role inside Terminal 1. They now account for approximately one-third of that facility's movements.
Боинг 737-800
Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-82R TC-APG (c/n 29329), the first Srs 800 for the privately-owned Turkish charter carrier, was handed over on March 25, 1999. The aircraft, the order for which was placed in September 1997, subsequently passed through Luton on March 27 en route to Istanbul.
Ryanair's first Boeing 737-800, Srs 8AS EI-CSA (c/n 29916), was first flown on February 16, 1999 as N1786B, subsequently becoming N5573L before adopting its Irish registration for delivery on March 19, arriving in Dublin via Keflavik the following day.
One of the advantages of travelling by train is that railway stations tend to be located in the centre of a city, whereas airports can be in the suburbs. In addition, some low-fare carriers fly to secondary airports that can be some distance from the main city destination. One such airline is Ryanair that serves a number of this type of airports, such as Brussels South Charleroi and Frankfurt Hahn.
Ryanair has stuck to its business strategy since adopting the no-frills approach and has reported some impressive profits. The airline continues to grow, with an ever-expanding route network and fleet of Boeing 737-800s.
Ryanair took delivery of its first Boeing 737-8AS, EI-CSA, at Dublin on 20/3/99. The airline ordered twenty five Boeing 737-800S and took out options on a further twenty in March 1998 as part of its ambitious expansion plans
Ryanair have applied extra 'Easyjet style' titles to the standard livery on their Boeing 737-8AS EI-CSH to announce to the world that they are now competing seriously with Lufthansa
Ryanair dominates passenger services from Frankfurt-Hahn with six Boeing 737-800s based there. In the background is the world's largest aircraft, the Antonov An-225, and an Aeroflot DC-10-40F. Low-cost passenger flights and cargo have been the airport's two main growth areas.
Many of the hardened aircraft shelters that once protected Hahn’s F-16s are today used as storage facilities. In the background, a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 taxies for departure.
На снимке - один из 19 самолетов 737-700 компании "Scandinavian Airlines", эксплуатирующей также 20 лайнеров 737-800.
SPICEJET's CARGO division, SpiceXpress, recently took delivery of its first 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) as the India-based carrier expands its air cargo operation, particularly in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.
For a number of years. Sterling chose to paint its aircraft in five different colours: red, yellow, dark blue, light blue and green (pictured). The current owner has decided that red will be the standard colour for the fleet to adopt. The tail markings have also been revised a number of times in recent years and on this aircraft, OY-SEH, can be seen the outline of the beach ball logo which was used before being replaced by the one worn in the photograph. However, this has been superseded by the two hearts logo presently used.
Fellow Danish carrier Maersk Air was recently merged with Sterling. This led to the former's name being dropped and much of its fleet being integrated into Sterling. One of these aircraft is Boeing 737-7LR, OY-MRG, which is still wearing the Maersk livery, but with Sterling titles.
Antalya, Turkey-based Sun Express Aviation accepted delivery of its first Boeing 737-86N, TC-SUA (c/n 28612), on January 18, 2000 at Seattle. The aircraft is one of four being leased from GECAS, with the remaining three due for delivery later this year.
Boeing 737-8Q8 C-FTAH (c/n 29351, ex G-XLAH) seen at Southend on November 7, 2005 after pre-delivery work by ATC Lasham and painting in the colours of new Canadian start-up carrier Sunwing Airlines. Sunwing, part of the Sunwing Travel Group, have leased the aircraft from Excel Airways for the winter period and planned to commence operations from their base at Toronto/Pearson International Airport on November 17 with a flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Голландский бюджетный авиаперевозчик "Transavia Airlines" предлагает регулярные и чартерные рейсы на курорты. В конце 2009 года в этой компании эксплуатировалось 19 авиалайнеров 737-800, еще шесть было заказано.
Одно время в авиакомпании "Tunisair" эксплуатировались авиалайнеры "Boeing" трех поколений одновременно. Компания получила семь самолетов 737-600 с мая 1999 по апрель 2001 года.
Encore, a subsidiary of Canada's Boeing 737 equipped WestJet, will start Q400 services from Calgary and Toronto to remote communities in British Columbia this year.
Taxiing for departure from Southend Airport, Essex, on November 21, 2006 is Excel Airways Boeing 737-81Q G-XLAC after being painted in the new XL Airways livery, in which all the airline's aircraft will be repainted as part of a major rebranding that was launched on November 22.
Boeing announced on May 15, 2002 that the first new 737-800 has been delivered to Yemenia - Yemen Airways. The aircraft, 737-8Q8 7O-ADL (c/n 30645), is the first of three ordered a year ago from ILFC on long-term leases. Yemenia will use the new aircraft on routes throughout the Middle East and Gulf States region, Europe and Asia. The remaining two aircraft being leased from ILFC will be delivered later this year.
A Boeing C-40A Clipper transport (BuNo 168980, c/n 43827) for the US Navy rolled out in mid-July at Renton, Washington, is the 5,000th production Next Generation (NG) 737. The C-40A (model designation 737-7AFC) is based on the commercial 737-700C combi. The aircraft completed its first flight on July 22, 2014 using the test registration N513NV. At that point, Boeing held orders for 6,804 737 NGs and 2,109 737 MAXs. Total Boeing 737 orders now exceed 12,000, including Classic airliners and more than 100 for military roles.
Taiwan's latest VIP transport. Boeing 737-8AR, ‘3701’, arrived at Sungshan Airport, Taipei, on February 7, 2000. This will allow the ‘interim’ VIP transport, a leased Boeing 737-43Q, coded B-10001, to be returned.
Boeing 737-8LJ(WL) VP-BRF, (c/n 41195), named S Obraztsov, is the first of the type for Aeroflot Russian Airlines. The airliner was noted undergoing pre-flight preparations at Renton Municipal Airport in Washington on August 24, 2013. It is one of 25 of the variant ordered for the airline by Rostekhnologii (Rostec) and leased to it by Avia Capital Services. It is due to be handed over in September.
The striking livery currently used by Aerolineas Argentinas was first announced on June 9, 2010.
Boeing 737-700 LV-CPH (c/n 28238) is one of 22 in service with Aerolineas Argentinas.
31 марта 2012г. из Сиэттла в аэропорт "Борисполь" прибыл первый авиалайнер Boeing-737-800 из 11 новых самолетов такого типа, заказанных авиакомпанией "АэроСвит - Украинские авиалинии" на фирме "Боинг" . Уже 3 апреля самолет совершил первый коммерческий рейс Киев - Тель-Авив - Киев
"Air Berlin" эксплуатирует модели 737-700 и 737-800. Изображенный 737-86J ранее принадлежал "Air Comet".
Airberlin has a fleet of 50 Boeing 737s including 15 of the 700 series. Boeing 737-700 D-AGEC (c/n 36118) was delivered in March 2009.
New low-cost carriers have sprung up all over Europe, and some established airlines, such as Air Berlin, have changed to incorporate some of the newcomers' ethos. Flying throughout Europe, this German airline is one of the largest low-cost carriers. Pictured is one of its Boeing 737-800s.
"Air China". В парке авиакомпании числятся 20 самолетов 737-700 и 80 лайнеров 737-800 (плюс 27 самолетов 737-300). Заказаны еще 133 самолета 737-800.
Air China 737-79L B-5201 (c/n 34023), delivered on October 26, 2005, is the first of two being specially-painted with the official 2008 Beijing Olympics logo and theme ‘One World, One Dream.’
Air Do operates flights from Chitose to airports around Hokkaido and to Honshu.
The to-ing and fro-ing over an Air Europa/Iberia merger has prompted great interest in Spain and further afield
Boeing 737-8HJ VT-AXH (c/n 36323) takes off for its first flight on November 15, 2006. The aircraft was formally handed-over to Air India in Seattle, Washington, on November 30 and is the first of 18 737-800s on order for operation by Air India's wholly owned subsidiary, Air India Express. This was the first aircraft to be delivered from Air India’s ordered placed in December 2005 for a total of 68 Boeing airliners, the largest commercial aircraft order in India's civil aviation history.
Air India Express uses 17 Boeing 737-800s, including 737-8HG VT-AXZ (c/n 36336). It plans to add 737 MAXes, but an order has yet to be announced.
Making its maiden flight in Air Niugini colours, at Budapest Airport on November 28, 2012, was Boeing 737-86Q(WL) EC-ISE (c/n 30290). The airliner was repainted from Air Europa colours at the airport and will become P2-PXC upon delivery. It joins a single 737-7L9 WL) and three 767-300ERs flown by the airline, as well as 12 Dash-8s and six Fokker 100s.
AirTran's integration will be completed this year. Its Boeing 717s are being leased to Delta.
Alaska Airlines has a substantial fleet of 114 aircraft, of which 21 are Boeing 737-800s, like the example pictured. The carrier flies more people between Alaska and the US mainland than any other operator.
One of Alaska Airlines' newest aircraft is 737-990ER N265AK (c/n 62682) which has been painted into a red, white and blue paint scheme to honour US military personnel.
To celebrate 75 years of operations, Alaska Airlines painted Boeing 737-800, N569AS, in a retro colour scheme dating from the 1940s. It also has aircraft in Disney liveries, one with a salmon painted on the side (to highlight the role the airline plays in transporting seafood from Alaska) and two in reverse schemes.
The Boeing 737 MAX 8's continued grounding means operators continue to lease-in substitute equipment. One such aircraft, leased in by TUI Airways, is this AlbaStar 737-81Q EC-NAB (c/n 29051) pictured at Manchester recently.
Earlier this year Aloha Airlines emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and is now under new ownership. Pictured is one of the carrier's eight Boeing 737-700s.
Aloha received its first Boeing 737-700s in February 2000. The longer range these aircraft could fly allowed the airline to launch services to the US mainland.
The 737 taxiing at Renton outside Seattle during the ecoDemonstrator. This aircraft has since been repainted into American’s new livery.
Natural laminar flow, the smoothness of the flow over the wing, was another area of study in 2012.
American Airlines 737-800 N897NN airborne during the 45-day ecoDemonstrator test period in 2012.
The most numerous type within the American Airlines fleet is the Boeing 737-800. American currently has 207 of the type in service.
American Airlines has revived the colour schemes of several long-gone US carriers by repainting three Boeing 737- 800s. This 737-800 (N915NN) wears the livery of TWA, which became part of American in 2001. Other aircraft have the colours of Reno Air (bought by American in 2000) and AirCal (absorbed into American in 1987).
Planned maintenance schedules have had to change during the COVID-19 crisis
American Trans Air’s first winglet-equipped Boeing 737-83N, N301TZ (c/n 28239), shows of the carrier’s revised corporate branding as it gets airborne from Seattle.
Avelo is one of several new start-ups planning to launch
Batik Air Boeing 737-8GP 9M-LCK (c/n 38318) at Renton Municipal Airport prior to delivery, wearing a logo to denote that it is the 178th 737-800 for the Lion Air Group, Batik’s parent company. It has recently been announced that Batik has received an air operator’s certificate for operations in Australia.
Bouraq [Buraq] Air Boeing 737-8GK 5A-DMG (c/n 34938) Tripoli, seen here during test flying on October 13, 2006, is the first of three ordered by Libya's first private airline and departed Boeing Field, Everett, on its delivery flight on October 28. The aircraft arrived at the airline's home base in Tripoli on October 30. The second aircraft was scheduled for delivery during November.
Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-8Q8 9Y-TAB (c/n 28233) performs a flyby on November 27, 2006 at Trinidad/Port of Spain-Piarco International Airport before landing after arrival from Atlanta/Hartsfield International Airport, Georgia, where the aircraft was the first to be painted in the airline's striking colours. BWIA had announced on September 8, 2006 that it was to cease operations and be replaced by a new intra-Caribbean airline, Caribbean Airlines, since when it has been confirmed that BWIA will cease trading on December 31. Caribbean Airways will then be officially launched on January 1, 2007, as its replacement.
Boeing 737-82K(W) PH-HZN (c/n 32943) of Transavia Airlines of the Netherlands recently appeared on winter lease to Caribbean Airlines of Trinidad and Tobago for use on the Port-of-Spain to Toronto-Pearson route. Painted in a hybrid colour scheme of the two carriers, it is shown arriving at Pearson International Airport on November 28, 2008.
China United Airlines has received the 9,000th Boeing 737, B-7562 (c/n 61682). The delivery happened only two years after the 8,000th 737 was delivered, reflecting the rising production output for the aircraft which now sees 52 produced every month.
China United Airlines Boeing 737-8Q8 B-5183 (c/n 30711, ex N1787B) departs Seattle, Washington, on January 24, 2007 on delivery to the Beijing-based carrier. The aircraft, on lease from International Lease Finance Corporation, is the first new production 737 to be delivered to the airline, although it also operates two 737- 700s on lease from Shanghai Airlines, which owns China United jointly with China Aviation Supplies Import and Export Group Corporation.
The first Boeing 737-932ER for Delta Air Lines (N801DZ, c/n 31912) conducted a pre-delivery test flight and landed at Boeing Field - King County International Airport, Washington, on September 10, 2013. It is due to be delivered on or soon after September 24, and is the first of 100 of the type ordered for the airliner on August 22, 2011.
Delta Air Lines' Boeing 737-800, N3758Y (c/n 30814), was painted in the Sky Team special colour scheme in September 2012.
The first Boeing 737-8AL(WL) for the new Eastern Air Lines (N276EA, c/n 35070, formerly with Kenya Airways as 5Y-KYB), at Shannon Airport shortly after repainting. It is one of ten 737-800s that will be used by the company. The new Eastern has been set up by a group of airline managers who in 2011 acquired the intellectual property of Eastern Air Lines, which ceased operations in 1991.
To mark 100 years since Poland regained independence, Enter Air has repainted Boeing 737-8QB SP-ENX (c/n 30627) to remember the American aviator and movie producer Merian Caldwell Cooper, who founded the Kosciuszko Squadron.
Flydubai operates a fleet of Boeing 737-8KNs, having ordered 50 from the manufacturer on June 11, 2008.
Government of Dubai-owned flydubai is a hybrid carrier blending low-cost and full-service models
While flydubai operates alongside Emirates, it has its own corporate identity and is very much an independent airline.
Delivered to Brazilian low-cost airline GOL on July 28, 2006 was Boeing 737-8EH PR-GTA(c/n 34474), the first of 67 737-800s which the carrier has on order for delivery through to 2012. The aircraft was also significant in being the first Next-Generation 737 with enhanced short runway landing and take-off capabilities. The design enhancements allow operators to fly with an increased payload in and out of airports with runways less than 5,000ft (1,524m) long. Modifications to the aircraft include a two position tail skid that enables reduced approach speeds, sealed leading-edge slats which provide increased lift during take-off and increased flight spoiler deflection on the ground to improve take-off and landing performance. The package is available as an option on the 737-600, -700 and -800, whilst being standard on the 737-900ER.
Hapag Lloyd Boeing 737-8K5 D-AHFT (c/n 30413) seen fitted with new advanced-technology winglets. Boeing announced on May 21, 2001 that the German carrier had become the first airline in the world to place a 737-800 with the new winglets into revenue service the previous week, operating the aircraft on routes from Germany to Mediterranean destinations. Hapag Lloyd has now started to retrofit the remainder of its 27-strong 737-800 fleet with the performance-enhancing winglets.
A new Turkish airline, Inter Airlines, is to start operations with this Boeing 737-800. Based in Antalya it will conduct charter flights between Turkey and Europe. The airline is scheduled to receive a second Boeing 737-800 later this year.
The first Boeing 737-81Z(WL) (YI-ASE, c/n 40104) for Iraqi Airways was on the ramp at Boeing Field/King County International Airport, Washington, on July 29, 2013. It first flew on June 20 and wears the new scheme adopted by the carrier. The Government of Iraq ordered 30 737-800s (plus ten options) in May 2008 and the first will enter service with the airline later this year.
Iraqi Airways Boeing 737-8172(W) YI-ASH (c/n 40076) on finals at Manchester. The carrier is now flying two services from the airport to Sulaymaniyah and Erbil. The routes mark an expansion in the airline's operations in the UK, joining the frequencies from London Gatwick to the same two cities and Baghdad.
The airline's Boeing 737s will begin receiving the New Sky interior from May 2014.
British holiday firm has placed its 92-strong fleet into storage.
Stuttgart Airport received 70 aircraft for the England versus Ecuador game on June 25, 2006. English fans are pictured getting off a Jet2 Boeing 737 on the morning of the game.
Boeing 737-8AL 5Y-KYA (c/n 35069), seen here during test flying on October 9, 2006, is the first of 30 of the type ordered by Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE) and was delivered on October 27 for operation by Kenya Airways. The aircraft joins four 737-700s already in service with the airline.
KLM's 48 Boeing 737s, along with Cityhopper’s E-Jets and Fokker 70s, feed its Schiphol hub.
Rather than lay off parts of its workforce, KLM has reduced the hours of all staff in what its chief executive, Pieter Elbers, describes as "a more balanced approach."
Blended Winglets on a line-up of KLM Boeing 737-800s.
KLM’s hub at Amsterdam Schiphol is central to the airline’s business model.
This jet, ZS-ZWO (c/n 28373), is one of only two 737s in the kulula fleet that now sport a special scheme.
A close-up of the 'Flying 101 ’ livery that 737-86N(WL) ZS-ZWP (c/n 28612) sported for five years. This aircraft has since been repainted into a British Airways livery for Comair.
New 737-800s straight from the Boeing factory, including ZS-ZWA (c/n 40851) delivered in 2012, have the ‘K dot’ livery that is largely standard across the fleet.
Wearing Boeing house colours but with the tail logo of launch customer Lion Air, the first Boeing 737-900ER was rolled-out at Renton, Washington, on August 8, 2006, accompanied by Indonesian dancers. The aircraft, a 737-9GPER, is c/n 35680 and will become PK-LAG with Lion Air but wore no external registration at the roll-out ceremony.
Авиакомпания "Lionair" начала эксплуатировать 737-900ER, заказав 30 таких самолетов. Первый был поставлен 27 апреля 2007 года в необычной окраске, в которой смешались цвета самой авиакомпании и схема раскраски "Boeing".
Boeing 737-9GPER N900ER (c/n 35680), the first 737-900ER, gets airborne from Renton Municipal Airport, Washington, at 0921hrs on September 1, 2006 for its 1hr 45min maiden flight.
Lion Air Boeing 737-9GPER PK-LFH (c/n 35710), the third of the type for the Indonesian carrier, was delivered on June 12, 2007 and is the first in the airline's full scheme, the first two having had Boeing colours on the fuselage.
Авиакомпания "Continental" первой в марте 1998 года разместила заказ на Model 739-900ER, но главным покупателем стала "Lion Air", заказавшая 178 лайнеров.
Indonesia's Lion Air Group took delivery of its 100th 737 Next-Generation airliner from Boeing on November 4, 2013. The aircraft, 737-9GPER PK-LOF (c/n 38741), is one of 67 Dash 900ERs now operated by the company's main Lion Air unit, the largest low-cost carrier in the country. It is pictured at King County Airport/Boeing Field two days after being handed over. Lion Air also flies 19 737-800s, with the group's other 14 737NGs operated by Batik Air, Thai Lion Air and Malindo Air. The Lion Air Group also holds firm orders for 201 737 MAX airliners plus 150 options.
Индонезийский авиаперевозчик "Lion Air" ("PT Lion Mentari Airlines") располагает флотом, в котором доминируют лайнеры 737-го семейства. "Lion Air" получила первый 737-900ER в апреле 2007 года, они окрашены по комбинированной схеме - в цвета "Lion Air" и "Boeing". К 2011 году компания имела уже заказ на 12 самолетов 737-800 и эксплуатировала 49 лайнеров 737-900ER - плюс еще 121 такой самолет был заказан.
Six of the airline’s 56 Boeing 737-800s on stand at its Kuala Lumpur hub.
In October 2006, South African Airways created a low-cost carrier called Mango. This operator uses four Boeing 737-800s on domestic routes.
Mango Boeing 737-8BG ZS-SJO (c/n 32357) departs Johannesburg. This low-cost carrier is to review its fleet as plans proceed for it to be merged with its South African Airways parent company.
A busy line-up of aircraft from carriers including Mauritania Airlines, Air Cote d’Ivoire and Asky Airlines at Bamako, Mali in November 2018
Monarch is leasing Boeing 737-800 G-ZBAV (c/n 40874, ex-TC-AAY with Pegasus Airlines). This is the first 737 to wear the Monarch livery for more than 20 years. It will assist the airline as it prepares to transition to the 737 MAX 8 from 2018.
MIAT-Mongolian Airlines took delivery of its first winglet-equipped Boeing 737-800 on July 9, 2002. The aircraft, 737-8CX EI-CXV (c/n 32364) seen here, has been leased from GATX Capital and will enter service later in the month with the Ulaanbaatar-based carrier, serving destinations in China, Japan and Korea.
Boeing 737-800 LN-NGJ (c/n 39021) is one of the most recent to be delivered to Norwegian.
Norwegian's very distinctive aircraft colour scheme is clearly shown in this shot of Boeing 737-800 LN-DYV (c/n 39009) seen at Salzburg international airport.
Norwegian has 65 Boeing 737- 800s in its fleet.
Finnish ground handling specialist Airpro has placed a €4m order with Denmark-based Vestergaard for four Elephant e-BETA electric de-icers
Prague/Ruzyne-based Travel Service Boeing 737-86Q OK-TVC is now being sponsored by telephone company O2 and has had this smart colour scheme applied, seen as the aircraft departed Budapest, Hungary, on March 16, 2007 after making its first visit to the airport in the new colours.
Both Boeing 737-800s previously flown by Dobrolet Airlines have been transferred to Orenair. Dobrolet, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, started revenue-earning flights with the two aircraft in June 2014, but on July 30 it was placed on a blacklist as part of the European sanctions against Russia over its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. The carrier ceased operations on August 4. Boeing 737-8FZ(WL) VQ-BTS (c/n 41991) in Orenair colours was noted landing at Palma de Mallorca on August 24 at the conclusion of a service from Moscow Domodedovo Airport.
"Virgin Australia Airlines". Компания, известная ранее как "Virgin Blue", была создана в 2000 году, а по состоянию на лето 2011 года она располагала 16 лайнерами 737-700 и 42 самолетами 737-800, плюс заказаны еще 52 самолета 737-800 - их поставки продлятся с июня 2011 года по 2017 год.
Pegasus operates Boeing 737-800s, but the airline will start taking delivery of the Airbus A320neo in 2016.
A Pegasus Boeing 737-800 about to touch down.
Boeing and Airbus are both seeking fuel savings with their efficiency improvements to the 737NG and A320ceo.
Icelandic charter operator JetX took delivery in Seattle, Washington, on May 11, 2007 of brand new Boeing 737-8Q8 TF-JXE (c/n 30722), which is on a six-year lease from International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC). The first new 737-800 to be delivered to the airline, it is one of a fleet of the type that will be operated on behalf of the Primera Travel Group, the largest tour operator in Iceland.
Qantas domestic’s fleet includes 28 Boeing 737s - this one is pictured departing Cairns.
Sixty-three Boeing 737s, including this winglet-equipped 737-800 seen at Queenstown, New Zealand, form the backbone of Qantas' domestic services.
Royal Air Maroc (RAM) ended its 60 th anniversary year in 2017 by announcing it will receive four 787-9 Dreamliners: the airline already operates five 787-8s. Royal Air Maroc 737-85P(WL) CN-RCV (c/n 33982), specially painted to mark the anniversary, is pictured at Brussels in December 2017. The airline is planning to expand its network to North and South America with the 787s
Ryanair now operates more Boeing 737-800s than any other airline, after taking delivery of its 400th Boeing 737-800, EI-FRC (c/n 62690), pictured here at Paine Field.
"Ryanair". Компания ввела 737-800 в эксплуатацию в 1999 году, а к 2011 году стала "авиакомпанией одного типа самолетов" - в ее парке 272 лайнера 737-800 (больше всех в мире). Винглеты установлены на всех 737-800 компании.
Ryanair received the first of 180 new Boeing 737-800s in September 2014.
Ryanair's place as the largest operator of the Boeing 737-800 in Europe was confirmed when it received its 450th example, EI-FZF (c/n 44779), pictured arriving in Dublin at the end of its delivery flight. The Irish low-cost carrier has a further 80 737-800s on order. Only Southwest Airlines operates more 737s.
Low-cost carrier Ryanair took delivery in December 2012 of the final pair of Boeing 737-8AS(WL) it had on order. The last to arrive at Dublin Airport in Ireland was EI-EVY (c/n 40319, ex N1796B) which landed there just before 14:00hrs on December 18 at the end of its delivery flight from Boeing Field/King County International Airport, Washington. The deliveries take Ryanair's current fleet to 305 Boeing 737-800s. The carrier placed its last order for ten 737-800s on December 18, 2009.
Ryanair has a growing presence at hub airports.
Scandinavian Airlines has painted 737-86N LN-RGI (c/n 35646) into this distinctive scheme to mark the airline’s 70th anniversary this year. This aircraft is leased by SAS from GECAS and was built in 2014.
Japanese carrier Skymark Airlines has applied special markings to Boeing 737-86N JA73NT (c/n 41264), seen here at Tokyo Haneda, and is known as the 'Shimomachi Bobsled Jet'.
"СкайАп" эксплуатировала четыре "Боинга 737-800"
Smartwings Boeing 737-8CX(WL) N277EA (c/n 32359) departing Gatwick on September 5, 2019. This aircraft wears a hybrid livery blending the colours of its operator with the fuselage cheatline of the revived Eastern Air Lines Inc, which briefly operated this aircraft in 2017.
Схожий с классическим 737-300, самолет Boeing 737-700 стал первым представителем нового поколения. Данную машину в июле 2007 года получила ангольская авиакомпания "SonAir".
A number of Southwest’s aircraft wear distinctive special liveries, including 737-7H4 N918WN (c/n 29843), pictured here at Las Vegas, which has a livery called Illinois One.
Another colourful Southwest special is 737-7H4 N280WN (c/n 32533), seen at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International, wearing its Missouri One livery.
Southwest fields a fleet of 731 Boeing 737s, consisting of -700s, -800s and MAX 8s, as of February 1, 2021
Boeing 737-7H4 N778SW (c/n 27883) photographed at Denver International Airport. Southwest Airlines introduced a revised colour scheme in 2014.
"Southwest Airlines" располагает 361 лайнером 737NG, она является крупнейшим эксплуатантом самолетов семейства. Компания имеет только самолеты Boeing 737 и стала стартовым заказчиком на модель NG. Заказаны еще 20 лайнеров 737-800, а также 113 самолетов 737-700.
Several Southwest 737s are 'logojets’ carrying adverts.
Southwest Airlines operates into both primary and secondary airports to give customers more convenience when flying
Southwest flies the world’s largest all-Boeing 737 fleet - 724 aircraft in several iterations, including 737-8H4 N8643A (c/n 42524) pictured at Seattle - Tacoma.
Southwest 737s on stand at Los Angeles International. The airline claims 30% of the Los Angeles Basin, the USA's second-largest market, and is currently modernising its facilities at the airport in a project scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2018.
Boeing 737-700 N714CB at Los Angeles International Airport - one of three ‘retrojets’ that wear Southwest's former ‘desert gold’ livery.
SpiceJet Boeing 737-9GJER VT-SPT undertakes a final test flight from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, on November 3, 2007. On November 7 the aircraft, the first 737-900ER for the Indian airline, was formally handed over. SpiceJet ordered five 737-900ERs and five 737-800s in a deal announced at the 2006 Asian Aerospace Air Show in Singapore.
Sterling has undergone many changes in recent years. The current owner is the Icelandic FL Group, which has decided to standardise the fleet with this red livery featuring two hearts on the tail, as illustrated on Boeing 737-8BK, OY-SEM.
SunExpress Boeing 737-8Z9(WL) D-ASXA (c/n 28178) was in November 2018 painted in special colours promoting the newly released animation The Grinch.
Winglet-equipped Boeing 737-808 C-FTDW (c/n 34704, ex N17868) was delivered to Canada's Sunwing Airlines on June 6, 2006, becoming the first new Next-Generation 737 operated by the airline, which also has two second-hand aircraft in service. The aircraft was flown from Boeing Field to the airline's home base at Toronto Pearson Airport.
2 июля 2008 года авиакомпания "Sunwing" получила этот 737-800. У "Boeing" сначала возникли проблемы с вертикальными законцовками крыла лайнера 737, но теперь они вписались в конструкцию самолета вполне удачно, как видно на снимке этой канадской машины.
Sunwing Airlines has applied decals to some of its aircraft to highlight winter season destinations. Boeing 737-808(W) C-FTAH (c/n 29351), pictured at Toronto Lester B Pearson International Airport, has decals promoting flights to Cuba.
Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800(W) C-GOWG (msn 37757), pictured arriving at Toronto Lester B Pearson International Airport, is the first Sunwing 737 to be adorned with decals promoting Oasis Hotels.
Romanian airline Tarom celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, having been founded on September 18, 1954. To mark the milestone it has painted Boeing 737-78J(WL) YR-BGG, named Craiova (c/n 28422, ex N1786B), with ‘Happy 60 Years’ on its tail. The airliner had previously worn the retro scheme, as used by the Lisunov Li-2s and Ilyushin Il-14s with which Tarom began operations, to mark the 55th anniversary of the airline in 2009. It is pictured at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Hungary on January 13, 2014.
Thompson Airways is repainting its fleet in the new 'wave' scheme. New Boeing 737-8K5(WL) G-TAWK (c/n 37239) was delivered in the fresh colours on November 19, 2012. It is seen being pushed back from Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport, one week later at the start of its second revenue-earning flight with the airline. The first 737 in the new scheme (G-FDZA, c/n 35134) arrived back at Manchester after painting at Norwich, Norfolk, on November 11.
WINGLET-EQUIPPED Boeing 737-8K5 G-FDZA (c/n 35134), Thomsonfly's first brand new 737-800, arrived at London-Luton Airport from Boeing at Seattle, Washington, at the end of its delivery flight on January 24, 2007.
Boeing 737-8MC N1782B (c/n 44435), pictured at Paine Field in March 2015, is the first aircraft to sport Transaero Airlines' new livery. The jet will be operated by the Russian carrier as EI-RUR. The revised colour scheme is Transaero's first major rebrand since it started operations in 1991.
Transavia Boeing 737-8K2 PH-HZW (c/n 29345) departs Groningen-Eelde Airport, showing the new colours of the Dutch carrier. The entire fleet will have the revised scheme by 2019. Transavia will receive two new 737-800s in April/May 2015, bringing the airline's total fleet in the Netherlands to nine 737-7K2s and 24 737-8K2s.
Transavia Airlines Boeing 737-8K2 PH-HSE (c/n 39259), seen taking off from Groningen-Eelde for a flight to Lanzarote, is now a logojet for the Dutch tour operator Neckermann Reizen, part of the Thomas Cook Group. Two other Transavia 737-800s (PH-HZG and PH-HSA) are currently flying as logojets for Sunweb, another Dutch tour operator.
TUI Fly Boeing 737-800 D-ATUZ (c/n 34691) has recently been painted in a new logo scheme promoting a hotel chain. This aircraft was pictured at Manchester in February after having brought FC Augsburg fans to northwest England for their game against Liverpool.
SpiceJet’s core fleet comprises 57 Boeing 737NGs and 32 De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400s
Boeing 737-8GJ F-GZHB (c/n 34902, ex VT-SPO not taken up) was delivered by Boeing to India's Spicejet on June 29, 2007, but sold the same day to Babcock & Brown, leased back to Spicejet and sub-leased to Transavia France for the summer. A similar arrangement saw delivery on May 18 from Boeing of F-GHZA (c/n 34901, ex VT-SPN not taken up) to the new Paris/Orly-based airline, a joint venture between Dutch airline Transavia and Air France that was established earlier this year. The airline now has four 737-800s in service, with plans to add three more in 2008 and two in 2009.
Boeing 737-9F2ER(WL) TC-JYI (c/n 40985) is the 200th aircraft to enter service with Turkish Airlines. Delivered on November 8, 2012, it carries markings on its front fuselage highlighting its significance to the carrier, while 'We cover more countries than any other airline' appears aft of the wings. A ceremony was held five days later, attended by the carrier's Chairman Hamdi Topgu and CEO Dr Temel Kotil, along with the Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, to welcome the aircraft into the fleet. It is seen arriving at Manchester Airport at the end of its second revenue-earning service on November 16.
Boeing 737-8F2(WL) TC-JHY (c/n 42003) of Turkish Airlines carries special titles on its forward fuselage to commemorate 100 years of Turkish cinema - in English on the starboard side and Turkish on the port. The airliner is a relatively new addition to the flag carrier's fleet, having been delivered on February 19, 2014. It was noted at Birmingham Airport in the West Midlands on September 30.
Distinctive condensation trails are a visual reminder of the immense power of the modern jet engine
Boeing is working on a number of structural and systems improvements to the 737NG to reduce its fuel burn.
24 июля 2009г. парк авиакомпании "Международные Авиалинии Украины" пополнился новым самолетом Boeing 737-800, изготовленным на заводе концерна "Боинг" в Сиэтле.
Ukraine Airlines flight PS752 crashed seven minutes after take-off with the loss of all 167 passengers and nine crew onboard.
A Boeing 737-800, UR-PSR (c/n 38124), was mistakenly shot down by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on January 8, 2020.
The airliner, UR-PSR (c/n 38124), had been delivered new to the Ukrainian carrier in 2016.
Boeing 737-924ER(WL) N75432 (c/n 32835, ex N1779B) is the logo jet for United Airlines’ Eco-Skies programme to reduce its environmental impact. The airliner is seen on approach to Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey on January 29, 2014. A 737-824(WL) (N76516, c/n 37096) was previously used as the Eco-Skies logoship, but was repainted in Star Alliance colours in October 2013.
A US-Bangla Airlines Boeing 737-800, S2-AJC (c/n 30711), taxies to the terminal in February 2020. US-Bangla is the largest private airline in Bangladesh in terms of fleet size (and overall second-largest after the nation’s flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines). The firm began operations in July 2014 and currently has two 737-800s operational, with a further two parked up
Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800, VH-YFW (c/n 41037) "Turquoise Bay", accelerates down 01L/19R as it becomes the first aircraft to depart from the new runway.
The first scheduled departure, flight VA781, rotates for Cairns.
One year after relaunching under new ownership, Virgin Australia Group has signed letters of intent to acquire an additional seven Boeing 737NGs, bringing its fleet to 84 aircraft
Brisbane Airport's aircraft rescue and firefighting service provide the customary water salute ahead of the maiden departure.
This Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800, used on Australian domestic routes, is being coated with a polymer which protects the surfaces from the extreme environments in the Southern hemisphere. More importantly, from an environmental point of view, it eliminates the need for regular washing - instead, the coating is applied annually.
Winglet-equipped Boeing 737-8FE VH-VBY (c/n 34233), seen here during a pre-delivery test flight from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, is the 50th Next-Generation for Australia's Virgin Blue Airlines and was handed over on July 28, 2005, subsequently arriving in Brisbane on August 1. To mark the milestone, achieved in less than five years of operations, the aircraft wears 'VB's 50th Aircraft' titles on the forward fuselage and has been painted in a special 'True Blue' livery, rather than the airline's typical predominantly red scheme.
On December 2, 2013 WestJet and Walt Disney World unveiled ‘The Magic Plane’, Boeing 737-8CT(WL) C-GWSZ/‘812' (c/n 37092, ex N1787B) features Disney's Mickey Mouse, as depicted in the film Fantasia, on the tail and various fireworks along the fuselage on a dark blue background. ‘The Magic Plane' made its inaugural flight on December 3 from Calgary, Alberta, to Orlando, Florida, and is seen two days later arriving at Toronto Lester B Pearson International, Ontario. The scheme was applied to the airliner over 24 days by 26 people and will be kept for five years.
Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet has repainted Boeing 737-7CT (C-GQWJ, c/n 35505) with a tartan tail fin to mark the May 29 2015 start of its next transatlantic route - between Glasgow Prestwick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Канадская "WestJet" - один из многих дискаунтеров, эксплуатирующих самолеты 737-700/800. Компания имеет 68 лайнеров 737-700 и 14 самолетов 737-800; на снимке - вариант 737-700.
WestJet is planning to resume services to more than 50 destinations
Seen here on August 24, 2007 at Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, prior to delivery is Xiamen Airlines 737-85C B-2305 (c/n 35051), which was handed-over to the airline on August 30. The aircraft is the eighth of 52 now on order for the airline, including a new order for 25 announced on August 30.
Brand new Boeing 737-8FH G-XLAK (c/n 35092) was handed over in Seattle, Washington, on January 26, 2007 to (formerly Excel Airways), which is taking the aircraft on lease from RBS Aviation Capital. It was then flown via Keflavik, Iceland, to Southend Airport, Essex, where it is seen arriving on January 27, before departing for Bristol on January 31 to commence operations.
Yemenis Boeing 737-808 70-ADQ (c/n 30728) undertakes a test flight from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, on September 28, 2007. The aircraft, which is on an eight-year lease from International Lease Finance Corporation, is the fourth 737-800 for the airline and departed Boeing Field on October 15 on delivery to the carrier's home base at Sana’a International Airport, Yemen.
Low-cost carriers globally have posted positive results in recent months, but there are challenges on costs.
The first AFRC C-40C, 05-0730 (c/n 34807, ex N365BJ), based on a 737-7DM airframe, is seen here during final pre-delivery test flying on February 20, 2007. The aircraft was handed-over in a formal ceremony at Scott AFB, Illinois, on February 28.
Indonesian Air Force Boeing 737-800 A-001 (c/n 41706) was seen at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on October 25, 2015 with President Joko Widodo on board. The aircraft can fly up to 10 hours non-stop, is able to land on short airstrips, and configured with four meeting rooms, a master en suite bedroom, two state rooms, 12 executive seats and 44 staff seats. The aircraft is assigned to Skadron Udara 17 ‘Kereta Kencana’ (Royal Chariots), headquartered at Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport in Jakarta.
Arriving at Bangkok International Airport/Don Muang Air Base, Thailand, on April 19, 2007 following its delivery flight was new Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) winglet-equipped VVIP Boeing 737-8Z6 55-555 (c/n 35478, ex N369BJ), which had departed Boeing Field, Seattle, on April 17, routing via fuel stops at Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii, and Francisco C Ada/Saipan International Airport, on Saipan Island. The aircraft will be operated on behalf of the Royal Flight by the RTAF's 602 Squadron at Don Muang.
Boeing marked its centennial at Everett in mid-July 2016 with a static line of its key commercial aircraft, comprising a 707 (Omega), 717-2BD (Delta), 727-22 (ex-United), 737-990ER (Alaska), 747-867F (Cathay Pacific), 757-222 (United), 767-3S2 (FedEx), 777-31HER (Emirates) and 787-9 (All Nippon).
Boeing 737-8K2(WL) N1786B (c/n 37791) is the first of the company’s Next-Generation aircraft to be produced after an increase in production to 42 aircraft a month. It is seen at King County International/Boeing Field, Washington, following its first flight on March 25, 2014. The airliner will be delivered to Transavia France as F-GZHL.
Boeing intends to use new digital modelling tools for manufacturing processes
Boeing launched its 737-800BCF conversion for the 737-800 in 2016, with the conversion providing competition for AEI's 737-800SF and IAI Bedek's 737-800BDSF.
The type has already secured 30 firm orders and 25 commitments.
Boeing and DHL Express signed an agreement for nine firm orders for the 767-300 Boeing converted freighter
Boeing has plans to open three more 737 freighter conversion facilities
Boeing has announced new conversion facilities for 737s in China, Europe and Latin America
Building on the success of the Classic 737 conversion programme, Boeing launched the 737-800BCF in 2016 and has since achieved more than 180 commitments
Coventry-based West Atlantic UK took the first Boeing 737-800BCF, G-NPTA (c/n 32740), in April 2018. On lease from GECAS, it formerly served with Travel Service, Sunwing Airlines and SpiceJet in passenger configuration
The first 737-800BCF departs Victorville, California, on its journey to East Midlands Airport on delivery to West Atlantic. Boeing
Грузовой самолет Боинг 737-800 BCF авиакомпании «Атран» (входит в группу компаний «Волга-Днепр»). Он способен перевозить 24 т груза на расстояние до 3750 км
Боинг 737-800BDSF, переделанный израильской фирмой IAI из обычного пассажирского самолета
Israel Aerospace Industries' 737-800BDSF is the third conversion option to become available for the 737-800.
Among the most visible modifications made to P2F airframes is the removal of most of the windows in the former passenger cabin
The US-built narrowbody continues to be a hugely popular model for passenger operations
A Boeing 737-800SF undergoing modification at Commercial Jet's Miami facility
Scimitar Winglets
Alaska Airlines recently completed the takeover of Virgin America, making it the fifth-largest airline in the United States. Boeing 737-990ER N493AS (c/n 41427) has received a one-off scheme that combines the liveries of both carriers, with the Virgin red transitioning into Alaska’s blue. The aircraft is pictured at San Francisco International Airport.
Alaska Airlines has unveiled its first major rebrand for a quarter of a century. The carrier s distinctive new livery introduces a revised colour palette, a refreshed wordmark and a reworked version of the Eskimo face on the tail. The first aircraft to receive the new colours is Boeing 737-800 N563AS (c/n 35180), pictured inside the hangar on the livery’s unveiling, which features Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Winglets.
Boeing 737-8LD ZS-ZWD (c/n 40855) photographed at Pretoria in September 2016.
Boeing 737-8H4(WL) N8642E (c/n 42525) delivered to Southwest Airlines on August 6, 2014 is the first to wear the carrier’s new scheme.
Southwest uses all five Amadeus Sky suite products, and others, to operate so-called clean-sheet scheduling
This colourful Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, N280WN (c/n 32533), has been painted in ’Missouri One’ colours since 2015.
BOEING RECENTLY completed first 5,000 737 deliveries were the 10,000th 737 family aircraft spread across the programme’s at Renton, ensuring the type now holds the Guinness World aircraft ever. The landmark aircraft, 737-800 N8717M (c/n 42571), is for Southwest Airlines and completed its first flight on March 26, 2018.
Canadian low-cost carrier Sunwings is continuing to lease a number of its Boeing 737-800s to operators around Europe for the summer season. One of these is C-FYLC (c/n 33029), which is being operated by Travel Service and is seen departing Palma de Mallorca.
Sunwing Airlines has grounded its fleet and leased examples have been returned to the lessors.
An artist's impression of how the Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Winglet will look on a Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800.
TUI's Boeing 737-800 D-ATUJ (c/n 39923) has received a distinctive livery promoting Haribo Tropifrutti sweets. The aircraft is pictured at Eindhoven shortly after it was painted in the scheme.
Boeing 737-824(WL) N37277 lifts off for a test flight of the Aviation Partners Boeing Split Scimitar Wing lets.
Westjet implemented a 30-day suspension of all international flights on March 22, 2020. Only a few domestic rotations remain.
First Boeing BBJ rolled out (1999)
Seen here making its first flight on November 14, 2006 is Boeing 737-7H1 BBJ N370BJ/N1786B (c/n 36106), which is the first of three ordered by the Indian Government. The 'green' airframe, which was the 100th BBJ to be delivered, was officially accepted by Indian Government representatives on November 29 at the Boeing Delivery Center in Seattle, Washington, following which it was flown to the PATS Aircraft completion centre at Georgetown, Delaware, for outfitting with its 48-passenger VIP interior, which will include a stateroom, meeting room and communications centre. The aircraft will replace the Indian Air Force’s current fleet of VIP 737-200s, operated by the Air Force Headquarters Communications Squadron ‘Pegasus’ at Palam.
Boeing 737-781ER JA10AN (c/n 33879, ex N716BA), seen here during a test flight on January 15, 2007, departed Seattle, Washington, on February 16 at the beginning of its delivery flight to All Nippon Airways (ANA), the launch customer for the new variant.
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing 737-7DF A36-001 (c/n 30790) seen in the Qantas hangar at Sydney following its arrival on June 26, 2002. The aircraft is the first of two BBJs for the RAAF which will be operated by Canberra-based 34 Squadron on lease from Qantas Defence Services.
Executive operator PrivatAir of Switzerland’s three Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). Also available from later this year is the BBJ2 which is 19 ft longer though with slightly less range. Boeing is also currently assessing the market for a possible business jet version of the Boeing 757.
Two of the four Boeing Business Jets in service with Swiss executive-aircraft operator PrivatAir. The airline is a service provider for KLM, Swiss and Lufthansa.
BBJ HB-IIQ of PrivatAir lands at the Troll Research Station on November 28, 2012.
Boeing 737 Fireliners are now contracted to the US Forest Service
Numbers of CFM56-5BS (for Airbus A320-family aircraft) and CFM56-7BS (for Boeing 737NGs) for exchange are bound to grow substantially as more and more A320s and 737NGs are retired.
CFM International CFM56 engines are most frequently seen on Boeing 737 Next Generation examples