Boeing Boeing 737 MAX
Boeing - Boeing 737 MAX - 2016 - США
Страна: США
Год: 2016

29 января 2016г. в Рентоне (шт. Вашингтон) взлетел новый среднемагистральный пассажирский самолет Boeing 737 MAX 8, оснащенный новейшими двигателями CFM International LEAP-1B, усовершенствованными законцовками крыла Advanced Technology и рядом новых бортовых систем. Ожидается, что Boeing 737 MAX 8 будет потреблять на 20% меньше топлива, чем первые модели Boeing 737 NG (Next Generation), а также иметь сниженные на 8% эксплуатационные расходы на одного пассажира по сравнению с Airbus A320neo. Первая поставка запланирована на третий квартал 2017 г. в американскую компанию Southwest Airlines
The first Boeing 737 MAX, N8701Q (c/n 42554), named Spirit of Renton, climbed to 25,000ft during its first flight, with its route taking it to the west of Seattle.
Boeing is targeting the first 737 MAX delivery to Southwest Airlines for the third quarter of 2017.
Among the key differences in the 737 MAX are the CFM International LEAP-1B engines and the Advanced Technology Winglets, both visible in this photo as the aircraft departs Renton.
The initial test flight, which started here at Renton Field and ended at nearby Boeing Field, lasted two hours and 47 minutes.
The first 737 MAX 8, Spirit of Renton, following roll-out.
Spirit of Renton’s colour scheme has the liveries of many of the 60 customers that have ordered the MAX.
The CFM LEAP-1B engines provide an 11% reduction in fuel use compared to the CFM56-7Bs, Boeing says.
Advanced Technology Winglets will save 1.8% more fuel than current-generation winglets.
Following production by Spirit AeroSystems in Kansas, the first 737 MAX fuselage arrived at Renton in August 2015.
Machine operator Les Nystrom toads wing skin panels and stringers for the first 737 MAX on the new panel assembly line at Renton.
The 737 MAX's cockpit will include data collection systems designed to speed up maintenance.
In its 737 MAX fleet Thomson plans to introduce what it describes as social seating. This includes a Family Booth concept with space for four to six people sitting around a table at the back of the aircraft.
Norwegian Air Shuttle was the first European customer for the 737 MAX, committing to 100 MAX 8s in January 2012.
An artist's impression of the new Boeing 737 MAX 200, of which Ryanair is the launch customer, with 100 firm orders and 100 options.
21 мая 2014г. пресс-служба «Боинга» объявила, что заключен контракт с таиландской авиакомпанией Nok Airlines Public Company Limited на семь новых «суперэффективных» пассажирских лайнеров Boeing 737 МАХ.