Air International 2007-07
M.Gething - F-4 Phantom /Cold war survivors/
Republic of Korea Air Force F-4D, 66-7737, was photographed on approach to its home base at Daegu (formerly Taegu) in August 2005. Note the centre-line SUU-23 gun pod.
An Egyptian Air Force F-4E refuelling from a McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender. It is possible that these aircraft have received some of the latest AIM-9M-2 Sidewinders ordered for the F-16 fleet in 2003.
Turkey uses the RF-4E for tactical reconnaissance. Eight new aircraft ordered in 1977 were supplemented by a further 32 from the Luftwaffe in 1995. The type is operated by 113 Filo at Eskisehir.
A pair of Luftwaffe F-4Fs belonging to JG 74. Still regarded as an outstanding fighter and strike aircraft of exceptional flexibility, the German F-4F ICE Phantoms are currently being replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon,with JG71 'Richthofen' due to convert in 2011.
There have been no known upgrades to the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force Phantom fleet, although safety modifications are known to have been made and some indigenous weapons systems developments carried out.
Greece's F-4E Peace Icarus upgrade significantly increased the Phantom's capability, including the ability to self-designate surface targets using the Rafael Litening II pod.
This Mitsubishi-assembled F-4EJ is one of over 90 aircraft upgraded to F-4EJkai standard. It is on the strength of 301 Hikotai.
McDonnell Douglas F-4F ICE Phantom II