Air International 2007-07
D.Willis - Global Fighter Market /Military/ (1)
This formation represents the three European countries that are equipped with the Gripen; (from front to rear) the Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden.
What price stealth, when cockpit glint like this could be seen from many miles away? Although the USAF says it needs up to 380 F-22 A Raptors, it is unlikely that the Pentagon will allow many more than the currently stated total of 183.
Ключевым элементом вооружения самолета Rafale является модуль Sagem AASM, которым возможно оснастить авиабомбы разного типа (в данном случае 226,8 кг авиабомба Mk 82). Для увеличения дальности полета бомбы используются складное крыло и твердотопливный ракетный двигатель, наведение - комбинированное: инерциальная навигационная система, приемник спутниковой навигационной системы GPS и инфракрасная головка самонаведения.
The process of variant selection and procurement for the Rafale has been a long-drawn-out affair, but the fully multi-role-capable F3 standard is due to enter squadron service in 2008.
Typhoon F.Mk 2 из 3-й эскадрильи британских ВВС выполняли пуски УР ASRAAM еще до завершения испытаний на совместимость Eurofighter с данной ракетой. Эти пуски ускорили постановку британских Typhoon на боевое дежурство.
RAF/3 Squadron Typhoon F.2 ZJ917 'QO-G' launches an ASRAAM on February 24, 2007 over Cardigan Bay. This was the first time ASRAAM, which will be part of the type's standard air defence fit, had been fired from a Typhoon in service with a front-line unit.
Current plans will see 596 Eurofighter Typhoons built for the four partner nations: 180 for Germany, 97 for Italy, 87 for Spain and 232 for the UK. This RAF 3(F) Sqn Typhoon F.2 is seen carrying out ASRAAM firing trials in March this year.
An alternative for countries that cannot afford new aircraft is to upgrade their existing fleets. Romania, for example, has modernised its MiG-21s to the more capable LanceR standard.
Although Russia's military budget has increased in recent years it has mainly been used to modernise the existing fleet rather than to acquire new aircraft. That said, the airforce is in the process of introducing the Su-34 Fullback into service. Six are due for delivery this year and there is a total Russian requirement for 200 such aircraft.
According to the US Navy, delays and cutbacks in the F-35 programme have created a potential fighter gap of over 200 aircraft that will last for up to 15 years. To alleviate this, Boeing has proposed to fill it with further Super Hornets.
Because it is significantly different to the production standard aircraft, the F-35A has been described as a 'pathfinder' for design, manufacturing and testing of the 14 flight test aircraft that will follow.