Flight 1933-11
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1911. - "Valkyrie" tail-first racing model monoplane, designed by H. Barber and built at Hendon.
THE ROYAL DANISH FLYING TROOPS have adopted the modified Fokker C.V.-E two-seaters as the standard army cooperation and reconnaissance 'planes. The engine chosen is the Bristol "Pegasus" RADIAL AIR-COOLED ENGINE
THE SMITH INSTRUMENT PANEL INCLUDING Altimeter, Air Speed Indicator, Revolution Indicator, Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temperature Thermometer, Time of Flight Clock, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Fore and Aft Level, Air Temperature Thermometer, Rate of Climb Indicator, AND TURN & BANK INDICATOR ALSO FITTED "HUSUN" APERIODIC COMPASS
The type H.P.42 "Hannibal" class (4 Bristol "Jupiter" Engines)
The British Fleet Air Arm have adopted the Blackburn "Baffin" Torpedo-bomber as the standard deck-landing aircraft. For maximum efficiency the "Baffins" are fitted with Bristol "Pegasus" radial air-cooled engines
The Handley-Page monoplane was designed for automatic stability, and for many years "H.P." was a great believer in the crescent-shaped wing. The wing-tips were given a pronounced "wash-out" in addition to their sweep-back.