Air Pictorial 1998-03
Register Review
G-BXFW, one of nine ex Botswana Defence Force BAC Strikemaster's aquired in 1997 by Global Aviation, was registered to Ralph Garlick and James Craven with addresses in Cape Town on 14/1/98. Of the nine aircraft, four (G-BXFT-’FX) were Mk.83s originally delivered to the Kuwait Air Force while the remaining five (G-AYHR & G-BXFP-'FS) were former Kenyan Air Force Mk.87s
The Britannia Airways Boeing 757-23A G-BXOL last saw service with Sunways as SE-DSM. Two other former Sunways 757s, N592KA, ex SE-DSK, and N593KA, ex SE-DSL, were still present at Luton at the end of January 1998
The 9 to 10 passenger helicopter is powered by two Allison 250-C40s turbines, has a state of the art composite four bladed main rotor, cruises at 139kts and has a range of 378nm
Following its much publicised landing at Manchester with the port undercarriage retracted on 3/8/97 the BAe ATP G-BUUP was re-registered G-MANU. Now repaired the aircraft has re-entered service with British Regional Airlines
The former Hazelton Airlines SD3-60 VH-MJH which arrived at ANAE's facility at Guernsey 13/12/97 was registered to BAC Leasing as G-KBAC on 2/1.98. Gill Airways have leased the aircraft for two years and it was delivered to Newcastle on 26/1/98
G-OAMS, the first Boeing 737-300 for British Airways, was delivered Lasham-Manchester on 9/1/98. The type will progressively replace the 737-200S currently based at Birmingham and Manchester