Short Short 360
Short - Short 360 - 1981 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1981

Shorts 330 и 360

   1 июня 1981 года в воздух поднялся новый самолет Shorts 360, в целом схожий с 330-й моделью, но отличавшийся более мощной силовой установкой, позволявшей повысить максимальную взлетную массу машины и летно-технические характеристики. Серийный выпуск продолжался до 1991 года, всего было построено 164 самолета. Наиболее существенным внешним отличием 360-й модели от 330-й стали несколько удлиненный фюзеляж и однокилевое хвостовое оперение. За счет добавления двух дополнительных рядов кресел пассажировместимость самолета выросла до 36 человек.
   360-я модель первоначально поставлялась с ТВД PT6A-65 мощностью по 1173 л.с., но в 1986 году на самолет установили двигатели PT6A-65AR мощностью по 1424 л.с. - данная модификация получила обозначение Shorts 360 Advanced. Позже была проведена новая модернизация - на самолет установили такой же мощности двигатели PT6A-67AR и шестилопастные воздушные винты (модификация Shorts 360-300).
   C-23B+ представлял собой вариант 360-й модели, поступивший в эксплуатацию авиации Национальной гвардии США. Двадцать таких машин были выпущены, начиная с 1994 года, - их получали путем переоборудования бывших в эксплуатации коммерческих самолетов, которые проходили ремонт и оснащались новым БРЭО и двухкилевым хвостовым оперением по типу 330-й модели. Военные C-23 преимущественно использовались для обеспечения армейских подразделений Национальной гвардии США и в рамках ликвидации последствий чрезвычайных ситуаций.
Shorts 360 has been developed from the 330 and will enter service later this year, having been ordered to date by nine operators.
Изображенный Shorts 360-100 (G-LEGS) с 1984 года находился в эксплуатации у компании "Manx Airlines". В 2013 году самолеты 360-й модели оставались в эксплуатации в странах третьего мира.
Short 360 prototype G-ROOM.
Connemara based Aer Arann, which operates scheduled services to the Aran Islands using two BN Islanders, have added the SD3-60 EI-CPR, ex G-OBOH, to their fleet
Несколько британских перевозчиков выбрали Shorts 360 для работы на местных авиалиниях и перевозки мелких грузов. Среди них компания "Air Ecosse", использующая этот самолет в специальной окраске для скоростной доставки посылок для Королевской почтовой службы.
The pillar-box red finish denotes the use of this Air Ecosse Shorts 360 to fly night-time services on the Royal Mail hub-and-spoke operation based in Liverpool.
February 1991 and Air Europe Express Shorts 360 G-BMHY sits impounded at Guernsey Airport - three months later it was G-OREX with Euroworld.
Following deregulation in Greece, a number of new operators have appeared. This view, taken at Athens, show a Shorts 360-300 of Air Manos
Blue predominated in Air UK’s colour scheme in the 1980s, as promoted by the timetable and carried by the company’s aircraft such as Shorts 360 G-BLPY, seen here at Southampton in 1987.
Авиакомпании "Simmons Airlines" и "Flagship Airlines" использовали свыше 40 Shorts 360 в рамках обширной сети местных авиаперевозок "American Eagle". Это один из первых лайнеров, поступивших в "Simmons" в 1982 году. Получивший обычное оперение и улучшенные обводы, Shorts 360 выглядел менее функциональным, но более элегантным, чем 330-й.
Pictured at Exeter on 17/3/00, the SD3-60 G-LEGS has been sold to the Nigerian operator Associated Aviation as 5N-BBL
Remote sensing was one of the tasks for the Shorts 360, N360AR, and, although short-lived with Atlantic Reconnaissance it did make an appearance at the 1994 Farnborough Show.
Short 330s and 360s became widely used as commuter types. Short 360 Series 300 G-VBAC of BAC Express at Cardiff, 2001.
Loganair's latest SD3-60 G-BNMW was formerly SE-LCC with Flying Enterprise
Another of the growing number of British regional airlines flying the Shorts 360 is British Midland.
In contrast with the scheme pictured above, Business Air’s 1988 colours were considerably less appealing. Shorts 360 G-OJSY was leased from Jersey European from October of that year and is seen at Ronaldsway.
Origins of City Flyer's present Short 360 operations go back to Connectair which was formed by three members of the company in 1984.
Shorts 360 G-BNBD, flagship of Connectair, Gatwick
Photographed arriving at Guernsey in October 1991 is Shorts 360 G-MAXW.
Imperial is among the nine US operators to have ordered the Shorts 360 to date.
Shorts 360
Since its founding in 1979, the airline has had a number of name changes and liveries. This Shorts 360 is pictured wearing Jersey European titles and livery. The carrier later adopted the name British European, though its current title is Flybe.
Both the F27s and the Shorts 360s (shown) will be replaced by the newly-ordered Bombardier Dash 8s and CRJs.
Loganair Shorts 360 on take-off from the beech airstrip at Barra. The ‘360 is a modern day approach to Maurice Hurel’s quest for an economic regional airliner.
"Mississippi Valley Airlines" обслуживала западные районы США и располагала небольшим флотом Shorts 330. В 1985 году эта авиакомпания объединилась с "Air Wisconsin".
In the southern hemisphere, the 360 is flown by Australian operator Murray Valley Airlines.
Seen passing through Glasgow on April 16, 2002 was Shorts SD3-60-300 C-GPCW (c/n SH.3622), still in the colours of its former operator, Male, Maldives-based Ocean Air, with which it had operated as 8Q-OCA. The aircraft was routing back to Pacific Coastal Airlines in Vancouver
A Shorts 360 in the livery of Wright Air Lines, the latest of nine US regional airlines to have ordered this aircraft to date.
The former Hazelton Airlines SD3-60 VH-MJH which arrived at ANAE's facility at Guernsey 13/12/97 was registered to BAC Leasing as G-KBAC on 2/1.98. Gill Airways have leased the aircraft for two years and it was delivered to Newcastle on 26/1/98
The former Loganair SD3-60 G-WACK left Exeter on delivery to Pacific Coastal Airlines as C-GPCE on 21/3/99. The company, a Canadian Airlines partner, operates scheduled services and charters from Vancouver and other points in British Columbia
Streamline Aviation's first SD3-60 G-SSWX arrived at Southend as N711PM for pre-delivery attention by RFS Engineering on 8/10/99. It was previously operated by Pacific Island Aviation in the Mariana Islands
A recent acquisition by Air Cargo Carriers of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Shorts 360-200 N3732X is seen departing Southend, Essex, on July 8, 2006 for Pescara, Italy, and then on to Iraq, where it is believed it will be operated under contract to the US military, hence the overall grey colour scheme. The aircraft left Milwaukee on July 1, routing via Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq, then on via Southampton to Southend on July 5.
Shorts 360 prototype made its first flight at Belfast on 1 June, 1981, just in time to be displayed at Le Bourget alongside the Shorts 330.
EI-CFA the first SAAB aircraft to be delivered with a Shorts 360 in the background.
Air UK's Shorts 360 G-BLZT is seen at Leeds-Bradford early in October 1985
Shorts 360-300 N1 6200 is the first of three recently delivered to Command Airways who will operate the aircraft on feeder services for American Airlines
SD3-60 SE-KEY, still in the blue, green and white livery of Swedish Airline Avia, was repainted as G-MAXW at Guernsey on 17/7/1991
Euroworld has changed its name to City Flyer Express. Its fleet of SD360s is being retitled by Anglo-Normandy Air Engineering at Guernsey. City Flyer Express has recently been awarded licences for the Gatwick-Jersey and Gatwick-Leeds/Bradford routes by the CAA. The airline expects to take delivery of its first ATR-42 late this year. All City Flyer Express flights have British Airways flight numbers
Another view of one of the airline's 360s, G-OREX which was previously G-BMHY.
Connectair's hard-working Shorts 360, G-BNBD, starts work at 0750 in the morning from Gatwick and after midnight goes off on a newspaper flight to Paris
Euroworld has a fleet of four SD3-60s to operate its new scheduled services between Gatwick and Guernsey, Rotterdam and Antwerp. They are G-BKZR, G-OGCI, G-OREX and G-MAXW
Shorts original 330 and the enlarged capacity 360 (on photo) are proving complementary in the fleets of several operators - as, for example, British Caledonian Commuter Genair illustrated here.
Gill Aviation has re-registered their SD3-60 G-BPCO as G-OLAH. It was rolled out as such at Newcastle on 16/8/1991
Exeter's main apron on a winter's afternoon, busy with a JEA Short 360 together with B.737s of BMA and Danair. Seen in the background, Scilly Skybus Islander, J&J Bandierante and Merrix-Air's Cessna 421.
A series of product improvements including Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R engines, increased all-up weight and higher cruising speed identify the Srs 300 version of the Shorts 360. recently introduced.
SHORTS 330/360
The latest customer is Wright Air Lines, whose first 360 is shown.
The first production Shorts 360, which was certificated on the eve of Farnborough.
Pending preparation by JEA Engineering for lease, a large selection of Short's commuter airliners are dispersed at Exeter's north side maintenance area.
Final assembly of the Shorts 360, alongside the 330, is now centred in the large building at Belfast where the much larger Shorts Belfast freighter was to have been produced for the RAF.
The square fuselage cross section of the Shorts 330 and 360 helps to give the cabin an unusual spaciousness for an aircraft in the increasingly competitive 30/36-seat category.
The large-scale model of the Shorts 450 displayed at Le Bourget.
An artist's impression of the Shorts 360, latest derivative of the Shorts 330 commuterliner.
Shorts 360
A three-view drawing of the Shorts 360, latest derivative of the Shorts 330 commuterliner.
A three-view of the Shorts 450