Air Pictorial 1988-01
World Air News
The Royal Navy is now taking delivery of its latest batch of seven Westland Lynx HAS.3s. ZF558 (illus.) is the second machine and was delivered on 10th November 1987
The R.A.F. now has another Gloster Meteor T.7 (WF791) flying to replace the aircraft lost in the "Vintage Pair" accident. Belonging to C.F.S. at Scampton, WF791 was originally delivered to the R.A.F. on 6th April 1951
The Indian Navy will shortly take delivery of the first of twenty Westland Advanced Sea King Mk.42B ASW helicopters it has on order. IN514, seen at Yeovil in temporary U.K. marks ZG602, is the second production aircraft. The Mk.42B has MEL Super Searcher radar and can carry British Aerospace Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles
The latest Pilatus Britten-Norman Islander for FIGAS. G-BLNI left Bembridge on 14th October 1987 on delivery via Iceland. North and South America and finally arrived at Stanley on 19th November, having been delayed en route. It is now in service as VP-FBI
Model of the new Franco-German helicopter in its French Army anti-tank version (HAG-3G) with mast-mounted sight. The prototype is scheduled to fly in early 1991
Seen during its maiden flight on 15th October last year, Airbus A320-110 F-WWDI, c/n. 5, is the first of twenty-five ordered by Air France and will enter service in March as F-GFKA. It is powered by CFM International CFM56-5 engines
The Canadair Challenger 601-3A demonstrator, N611CL, recently received full U.S. and Canadian certification and is now being offered with range increased to 3,600 nautical miles
Shorts 360-300 N1 6200 is the first of three recently delivered to Command Airways who will operate the aircraft on feeder services for American Airlines
During November Aer Lingus took delivery of two new Boeing 737-300s (EI-BUD illus.) which will be used on the airline’s Dublin-London service
Three-view drawings of a British Aerospace project for a Small Agile Battlefield Aircraft (SABA), designated P1233-1, designed to destroy enemy combat helicopters, tilt-rotor aircraft and cruise missiles on the battlefields of the future. Performance requirements include a rate of turn of 180° in 5 seconds, minimum turn radius of 500 ft. at combat speeds, 400 kt. transit speed, 1,000 ft. take-off roll. 4 hours loiter at low-level, and an armament of six air-to-air missiles and a gun