Air Pictorial 1999-05
D.Gordon - Martin's photo-Canberras
At the 1957 Paris Air Show, the USAF provided B-57B 52-1577 for static display. This variant was the first to have the tandem, two-seat fighter canopy, adapted to improve visibility when conducting low-level tactical operations.
High over what was then West Germany, RB-57A 52-1481 poses during a photo-sortie shortly after delivery and before the squadron markings had been applied to the fin and tip-tanks.
After serving with the 1st TRS from 1955 to 1957, RB-57A 52-1490 passed to the Arkansas Air National Guard.
The 13th RB-57A makes a low flypast at Martin’s Baltimore plant before delivery to the USAF. The badges are of the 1st TRS (left) and the 30th TRS.
Two RB-57As fly a loose formation with one of the 10th TRW’s B-57C dual control trainers, 53-3851 nearest to the camera and one of 38 built. Note that the tip tanks were not always carried, as indicated by the left-hand machine.
Bombs and cameras underline the offensive role of the RB-57A, in this view of a 1st TRS aircraft at Spangdahlem in 1955.
In 1957, the RAF Canberra was the backbone of Nato’s 2nd Tactical Air Force, and this mixed formation was flown with a 1st TRS RB-57A. On the left is a No 17 Sqn PR. 7, at the top is a B(I).8 and on the right, a T.4.
The day after its arrival at Spangdahlem on October 24, 1954, the RB-57A was demonstrated to base personnel.