Vickers Vernon
Vickers - Vernon - 1921 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1921

Vickers F.B.27 Vimy, Vimy Commercial и Vernon

Vickers F.B.27 Vimy, Vimy Commercial и Vernon

  Последним в семействе Vimy/Vimy Commercial был бомбардировщик/транспортный самолет Vernon, использовавшийся ВВС для полицейских операций в Ираке с 1921 года. Служившие в 45-й и 70-й эскадрильях в Хинаиди под Багдадом, эти самолеты использовались не только по прямому назначению, но и в качестве санитарных, а также сыграли важную роль при создании воздушной почтовой линии Каир - Багдад.
  Вариант Vernon Mk I (построено 20) мало отличался от Vimy Commercial, но Vernon Mk II (25) оснастили 450-сильными (336 кВт) ПД Napier Lion II, a Vernon Mk III (10) получил двигатели Lion III, увеличенный запас топлива и масляно-пневматические амортизаторы шасси. С 1927 года на смену Vernon пришел Vickers Victoria.
The Vernon I prototype (J6864) which was probably originally the Vimy-Commercial which took part in the Civil Aircraft Competitions at Martlesham Heath in August 1920.
Another photograph of the Vernon I prototype (J6864) for the R.A.F.
Vickers "Vernon" (Two Napier "Lions"). The Vickers "Vernon" is a development of the famous "Vimy" and its commercial version, which latter has been in service on the London-Continental air routes of Imperial Airways. It is a twin-engined biplane with a large circular section fuselage forming, in the forward half, a roomy cabin with «de windows. The pilot's cockpit is located high up in the nose of the fuselage. It is employed mainly as a troop transport, or as an aerial ambulance, in the Middle East, No. 45 Squadron being thus equipped.
В 1920-х годах Vernon широко использовались британскими ВВС для полицейских операций на Ближнем Востоке. Этот 12-местный бомбардировщик/транспортный самолет Vernon с двигателями Napier Lion, принадлежавший 45-й бомбардировочной эскадрилье, сфотографирован над рекой Тигр в 1923-1924 годах.
A rebuilt Vickers Vernon, JR6904.
Санитарный Vernon Mk II, J7143, позже переоборудованный до стандарта Mk III.
The 25-seater Vickers Vernon, J6976, at the 1923 pageant.
A bustling scene at Hinaidi, south of Baghdad, with mail being loaded aboard the Vickers Vernons of No 70 Sqn for the flight westwards along the Furrow.
VICKERS "VERNONS" AT BAGHDAD: Our photograph shows a squadron of twin-engined Vickers-Napier "Vernons" at Hinaidi Aerodrome, Baghdad. These machines are used as bombers and troop-carriers, and are also employed for transporting mails on the Royal Air Force Mail Route between Cairo and Baghdad.
Interior view of a Vernon showing stretcher (top) and troop seats. AID checks ensured that all airframe attachments were secured against vibration.
Vickers Vernon J7144 after nosing over during a visit to Hinaidi, Iraq, in the 1920s. This hardy bomber-transport aircraft gave good service in the Middle East at this time, perhaps the most well-known of its operations being the Cairo-Baghdad Air Mail run. This particular Vernon was one of two originally ordered as Vimy Ambulances.
A short break from removing a Napier Lion engine from a crashed Vickers Vernon transport. Vernons served with Nos 45 and 70 Sqns in Iraq from 1922 until 1927, when the type was superseded by the Victoria.