Boeing Boeing 727
Страна: США
Год: 1963

Three turbofan airliner
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Boeing Model 727 (USA)
   On 5 December 1960 Boeing announced its intention to produce a short/medium-range jet transport designated Boeing 727. A major innovation (compared with this company’s earlier designs) was the choice of a rear-engined layout. The upper fuselage section is identical with that of the 707/720 and many parts and systems are interchangeable between the three types.
   The first production version was the Model 727-100 powered by three 62.28 kN (14,000 lb st) Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7 turbofans, with accommodation for up to 131 passengers. It was followed by the 727-100C convertible cargo-passenger; 727-100QC convertible cargo-passenger (using palletised passenger seats and galleys - and advanced cargo loading techniques - to complete conversion from all-passenger to all-cargo configuration in less than half an hour); and 727-100 Business Jet versions. The current production versions are the lengthened 727-200, accommodating 163-189 passengers; Advanced 727-200 with increased fuel capacity, ‘Superjet-look’ interior and an optional large ‘Carry-all’ compartment; and 727-200C convertible version for 137 passengers plus cargo in a mixed configuration.
   By August 1978 a total of 1,562 Model 727s had been sold, of which 1,366 had been delivered. The 727 is the only commercial transport aircraft to have exceeded 1,000 sales.
   Data (727-200): Engines three 64.5 kN (14,500 lb st) Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A turbo­fans as standard Wing span 32.92 m (108 ft 0 in) Length 46.69 m (153 ft 2 in) Max T-O weight 95,027 kg (209,500 lb) Max cruising speed 964 km/h (599 mph) Range 2,685 - 3,966 km (1,670 - 2,464 miles)
Boeing 727-46. Первым Boeing 727, зарегистрированным в Британии, стал самолет, купленный авиакомпанией "Dan-Air" на вторичном рынке в сентябре 1972 года. Позднее эта компания приобрела 13 самолетов, в основном использовавшихся на чартерных линиях в Средиземноморье. Представленная на рисунке машина варианта Model 727-46 (per. G-BAEF) была первым из поставленных лайнеров и эксплуатировалась компанией до октября 1992 года. В 1990-х годах она послужила в двух колумбийских авиакомпаниях - "Aero Republica Colombia" и "Interamericana Colombia", пока не была окончательно снята с эксплуатации в июле 2001 года.
Of all the major producers of airliners at Paris, Boeing showed the most confidence in forth­coming ultra-bypass (UBF) type of propulsion, as represented by the General Electric UDF. One of the prototype UDF engines will be installed on the starboard rear side of a company-owned 727-100 for flight-testing to begin in the second half of 1986.
Boeing 727-200
Boeing 727 three-engined short medium-range jet transport
Boeing 727-200 three-turbofan short/medium-range transport
Boeing 727-100C three-turbofan cargo/passenger transport, with additional side view (bottom) of 727-200
Boeing 727-100QF (Tay)