Aeroplane Monthly 1993-04
J.Moss - Air Op Austers: eyes for the Army (4)
Taylorcraft Auster IV MT237 demonstrating its apparent steep take-off capability - followed, no doubt, by a mile or so of nose-up wallow and a slight rate of sink! Seen here at Rearsby in 1944, MT237 later served with 656 Sqn until struck off charge in August 1945.
Auster V израильтяне купили у англичан прямо в Палестине
The Taylorcraft Auster V Light Liaison and Observation Monoplane (130 h.p. Lycoming O-290 engine).
Taylorcraft Auster V TJ458 was delivered to 657 Sqn in 1945.
Auster Mk.IV MS958 was one of a batch of 254 built as such between March and May 1944. It served with 653 Squadron, surviving the war to be sold in March 1947 as G-ALYA.
Taylorcraft Auster IV MS958 pictured in January 1944 before it went to 653 Sqn. In 1949 it became G-ALFA.
Some versions of the Taylor craft Auster IV were fitted with the standard blind-flying panel.