Aeroplane Monthly 1993-04
R.Williams - The whistling wheelbarrow (4)
Argosy prototype G-AOZZ is still soldiering on in the USA as N896U, owned by Harry Barr and based at Lincoln, Nebraska. This photograph was taken on July 26, 1991.
Argosy XN817 was operated by the A&AEE at Boscombe Down from May 1970. It was the last of its type to fly in RAF markings and was scrapped in 1985.
114 Sqn Argosy C Mk 1 XR106 pictured in 1971.
The end of the line. Argosies of Nos 70 and 114 Sqns at RAF Kemble awaiting “long-term storage and possible reconditioning”.
114 Sqn Argosies lined up at RAF Benson in 1964.
A ton of cement drops from a 105 Sqn Argosy over Atag, 200 miles north-east of Aden, in 1965. The RAF Khormaksar-based Argosies parachuted 60 tons of cement into the area for use by tribesmen in repairing wells and constructing irrigation channels.
Argosy XP438 disgorging paratroops over Aden in 1965.
Argosy XR142 taking part in the 1964 SBAC Show at Farnborough in September 9 of that year.
Tails of woe: RAF Kemble in December 1975.
Happier times - Argosy C Mk 1 XN821 is in the foreground.
An Argosy during rough strip trials at RAF Martlesham Heath in September 1962.
RAF Benson on March 13, 1962, the day that the squadron’s new Argosies were commissioned.
Непальские гуркхи со своим снаряжением грузятся в британский транспортник "Аргоси".
Troops boarding Argosy C Mk 1 XP447 at RAF Changi in 1963.
The flight deck and instrumentation of an Argosy.