Aeroplane Monthly 1993-04
J.Stroud - Post-war propliners
TEAL's Sandringham 4 Tasman.
The Bermuda-class Sandringham 7 G-AKCO after being prepared for Capt Sir Gordon Taylor's Pacific cruises.
BOAC’s Sandringham 5 G-AHZD Portmarnock poised to alight in October 1949.
DNL’s Sandringham 6 Bukken Bruse. The ASV radar may be seen beneath the starboard wingtip.
TEAL’s Sandringham 4 Australia.
Dodero was the first customer for the Sandringham. G-AGPZ, later LV-AAO, was the first Short & Harland conversion. Here it is taking off from Belfast Lough.
The Qantas Sandringham 4 VH-EBX had been TEAL's ZK-AMB.
An evocative view of BOAC's Short Sandringham 5 G-AHZD Portmarnock, taken in October 1949.
BOAC’s Sandringham 5 G-AHZC Pembroke taking off from Southampton Water in 1947.
The flight deck of a Short Sandringham.
Part of a Sandringham’s passenger accommodation - almost certainly the upper deck of a Dodero 'boat.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting shows DNL’s Short Sandringham 6 LN-IAU Bamse Brakar.