Aeroplane Monthly 1977-05
News Spotlight
A Lynx helicopter from Yeovilton’s 700L Naval Air Squadron made the first deck landings by a production RN Lynx in February 1977, touching down on HMS Birmingham.
Lynx helicopters of the Royal Navy and Royal Netherlands Navy flying with 700L Naval Air Squadron, RNAS Yeovilton, an intensive flying trials unit.
In December two more Mustangs from Israel joined the one now being restored to flying condition at Duxford. The new arrivals are serialled IDF/AF 41 and 146.
The Caselle-based Panavia Tornado 09, photographed in February 1977, is being used for flutter and armament trials.
After nearly five years grounded, owing to crankshaft failure in July 1972, S.E.5a F904 flew again at Farnborough on January 19, 1977, piloted by Wg Cdr David Bywater. A 200 h.p. Wolseley Viper now replaces the Hispano Suiza previously fitted.
One of two non-flying reproductions of the 1920 Vickers Viking amphibian is seen on location on La Palma island in the Canaries for the filming of Amicus Productions' The People that Time Forgot. The aircraft, built by Fairey’s Marine Division at Hamble, are powered by 1,300cc Ford Escort engines which enable them to taxi on land and water. The second Viking went to Pinewood Studios. Their total cost was ?33,300.
Production of the Pilatus B-4 PC-11AF all-metal high performance sailplane is set at 80 units for 1977, following the type’s success last year.