Air Enthusiast 1972-03
By mid-January, eight examples of the Grumman F-14A were in flight test and had amassed 365 hours in 156 flights (these figures exclude the first prototype, which crashed on its second flight). Of the original batch of 12 R & D F-14As ordered in February 1969, two more will be completed shortly, while the No 7 aircraft is earmarked for completion as the F-14B prototype, with F401-P-400 engines. The illustration show the No 2, low-speed trials. F-14A refuelling from an NA-6A tanker.
Hawker Siddeley recently flew this prototype of a new HS.748 variant intended for both military and civil use. The major new feature is the wide freight door which, for military duties, can be opened in flight for air dropping supplies, vehicles and paratroops. In civil guise the aircraft is offered as a convertible passenger-freighter with up to 40 seats.