Air Enthusiast 2003-11
D.Hagedorn - Latin Mitchells (4)
Panamanian TB-25N HP-428 at Tocumen International Airport, in March 1969.
Exceptionally rare photo of the 'Haitian' B-25 was taken at Port-au-Prince, in the company of a Haitian F-51D and T-28S Fennec in March 1972.
Still in service with the FAD at San Isidro Field in September 1969, 2505 appears to have been converted entirely to transport configuration, including elimination of the tail gun position.
The earliest known photo of a Fuerza Aerea Dominicana B-25, 2501, replete with a rather modified 'gun' nose, at General Andrews Field near Ciudad Trujillo in 1950 or 1951.
The only known published 'nose-art' of a Peruvan B-25J. Third year Cadet Oscar G Gagliardi K, FAP, poses in front of a B-25J and P-47D in 1958.
The ultra-rare B-25H, FAU 164, another former Cuban aircraft, following withdrawal of the Uruguayan B-25 fleet circa 1965.
Although of poor quality, photos of Chilean B-25Js are rare. FAC 803, bearing the early, rather utilitarian colours worn shortly after delivery.
Two of Cuba's B-25Js (FAEC 303 centre) lined up in front of the distinctive headquarters building at Campo Columbia near Havana, Cuba, in the 1950s.
A number of the Uruguayan B-25s carried special insignia, nicknames and nose-art by the early 1960, including serial 156 which was named 'Charrua'.
Earliest known view of a Uruguayan B-25J, G3-157 still on show at Grand Central Air Terminal in California on April 17, 1950, during the final stages of its overhaul before delivery in May.
Virtually the entire Uruguayan light bomber force at an open day at Carrasco airport near Montevideo in 1961 or 1962. Visible are serials 162, 158, 156, 164 and two others.
Argentine civil B-25 LV-GXH last served with the USAF as a TB-25N.
Taken shortly after delivery in November 1973, Bolivian B-25J FAB-541, freshly arrived from refurbishment in Venezuela, clearly shows the gun packs on the fuselage sides, but is missing the upper dorsal turret.
Rare in-flight view of serial 162, one of the former Cuban B-25Js received under 'MAP Redistribution' by the FAU in January 1958.
Rare view, prior to 1954, of three of the six-strong Cuban B-25 force - 303, 304 and 305 - all B-25Js, complete with tail guns in place.
The earliest known photo of a Peruvian B-25J, apparently FAP-461.
A rare document showing the placement of the Peruvan serial and national insignia on B-25s.